Emerald ears had stung when Thorn had jolted up awake and she saw the terror in his eyes. A terror she'd seen before. Oh, no it can't have been, her thourght whispered frightened.

The dreams had begun and Emerald remembered the last time she had watched them someone from their sleep. And she remembered what they had been about cause the nightmares weren't just dreams.

They were of a test that had just begun.

Three thousand years ago...

Emerald looked left then right and went over and tugged the princes wrist. She knew he would know it was her. He stood up and they began their disent down the cliff side.

"Emerald" the prince murmured.

"Yes" Emeralds says. The prince often wanted to talk and most of the time it was just to make sure Emerald was still there.

"I've been having nightmares" he whispers, fear showing in his eyes.

"I know" Emerald whispers looking at him.

"They show a figure, a shadow with eyes so terrible it feels like their trying to destroy my soul"

"You should not fear it if it is not solid"

"But... I think it's part of the mist" Emerald freezes and looks shocked a the prince.

"You think it's alive" The prince nods.

"I don't what I'm gonna do, I need to get her back Emerald" the prince whispers. Emerald heart turns sad but she knows how he feels.

"Being without your partner if truely terrible Prince"

"I thought I told you to call me by name" Thorn says trying to serch for her. Emerald sighs.

"I will try...... Thorn"

The End

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