He stood alone in the middle of an empty, featureless plain. All around him the mist swirled and twisted, forming shapes and patterns that looked to be part of some ancient language that he couldn't understand. He backed away, trying to get out of the mist, but it only closed in faster, pushing itself as close to him as it could get.

Then the screaming starts. Ear-splitting shrieks of fear and pain, ringing out from all through the mist. He whips around, desperately trying to find the source of the cries. He knows he has to find them,  before it's too late. But as he runs further into the mist, the cries begin to crowd him, all clamouring for his attention, making his ears hurt so much he feels his head might burst. He tries to call out, to beg the screams to stop but he can't make a sound.

Then a shape starts to emerge from the mist, a formless pale shape with only a pair of bottomless black eyes peering out like shards of black ice. Empty and devoid of all emotion. A sudden terror grips his heart and he turns to run but his feet are fixed in place. The pale thing advances, looming up until it fills the space, blotting out even the mist. The cries intensify, growing more and more insitant as the thing gets closer and closer. A sudden pain shoots across his chest, he screams as the pain begins to bore into him, eating into his very soul, tearing his mind apart piece by agonising piece. And all the while, the empty eyes watch him, their lidless gaze never moving. Waiting to claim their victim...

Thorn jolted awake, letting out an involuntary cry as he did so, every hair stood on end and eyes wide with terror. He'd never felt more scared in his life. And never because of a dream. But that had been no dream.

That had been the worst of all nightmares.

Sitting bolt upright, Thorn stared around the dark cave, green-gold eyes glowing iridescently in the starlight. Flashes of the nightmare kept appearing in front of his eyes. The swirling mist, the echoes of screams, the pale thing in the mist. The empty black eyes, boring into him like voids of black obsidian. Calling to him from their silent, deadly depths.

Thorn shuddered, pulling his knees up underneath him and staring out at the night sky, shivvering in the cold night air. The stars gazed back at him, their distant light the only illumination in the sky.

As if the moon had been swallowed. Swallowed in a pair of soul-less black eyes...

The End

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