Shadow Cavers

Emerald couldn't consentrate, her mind kept jumping to the kiss. She shook head angrily and look down at the sleeping elves. She felt herself smile and cut it short. No, I refuse to get my heart hurt, she told herself.

Then she heard it the whispering. She turned to see a Shadow Caver watching her. Unlike elves, Shadow Cavers could see nymphs cause like nymph they followed nature. "Keep away" Emerald hissed showing her teeth.

The Shadow Caver chuckled. "Why shouldn't I little nymph? They entered my cave the core must be protected" the Shadow Caver whispered.

Emerald recognised that voice but where from? "Do I know you?" she whispers. The Shadow Caver stopped and began examining Emerald.

"Emerald.." the Shadow Craver chokes out.

"Geo!" Emerald shouts throwing herself at him. "I thourght It be ages till I saw you again" She pulls away and looks up at him. "You sure have changed Geo"

"As have you Emerald, more beatiful than I remember"

"Thanks" Emerald folds her arms. "But you can't have them" she says sternly.

Geo sighs. "It's my nature to protect these caves" he sighs.

"Their not here for the core. The hunts began again" Emerald tells him.

"Ahh, they don't look much" Geo says. Emerald looks at the elves over her shoulder.

"One is the prince.." Emerald trails off.

"Oh Emerald say you haven't" Geo says sympathetically.

"Fate is cruel" Emerald pouts. Geo sighs.

"That means that I'll still have to wait" Geo whispers. Emerald looks at him sympathetically.

"I'm sorry" Emerald whispers. "I want to be with you but..." She turns and looks at Thorn.

"Every time we meet... It's okay.... I should go" Geo says. He leans down kissing Emeralds forhead and disapeering into the darkness.

The End

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