Escaping Kiss

Thorn couldn't believe his eyes and Emerald just wanted to get away. She moved out from under the phoenix and Thorn kept eye contact with her the whole way.

Oh, no she wasn't meant to be seen. "Um, I was just passing" Emerald murmurs

"Your the one that told us to leave" Thorn whispers. Emerald felt like blushing, this boy she had watched in the forest for years. Ever since he started visiting.

"I must leave" she whispers looking behind him. But he still held the eye contact. Errr, Emerald wanted to hide. To not be seen no more, but why? What was it about this boy that made her want to be the watcher but not be watched? She sighed.

"Please let me leave" Emerald whispers.

"I haven't seen you in 75 years and you expect me to let you leave. You haven't aged a day"

"I'm fully grown" Emerald mutters folding her arms.

"Your not just gonna disapeer like last time" Thorn said strongly.

"Oh, really" she muttered and Thorn nodded but this time he wasn't certain. Then it happened. Emerald kissed him and Thorn lost his consentration. She hid rightnext to him and watch him reach up to touch his lips. She smiled and followed him into the cave. But one thing shocked Emerald it was just meant to be an escape route but her heart was now hammering inside her cheast.

No, she couldn't. He wasn't meant to marry her and Emerald looked at Kamika. She knew this from the forest. It was like before. The thousand of years ago when the mist of loss first appeared she had also fallen in love. But like before the forest had already bonded them a partner.

The End

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