It had been a warm evening and many of the elven children were out in the forest playing. Thorn had always been the observant type and after all the other children had been driven home from fear of the darkness, he had stayed, completely engrossed in the magical beauty of the song of the wilderness.

Crouched underneath a tree he had sat listening for hours. I was curious. He wasn't acting like the other children. I settled down to watch him. It surprised her how he was able to be so still so long for one that young. Then it came.

It was huge, I had seen it before, but of course it had had no idea I was anywhere near. Larger than any normal bear, yellowed teeth, saliva dripping down the side of its mouth, green eyes, and dark fur. I heard it coming and went up to the boy, he had to leave.

"Hiya elven boy." I said to him.

It startled him and he looked up surprised. I guessed he had never seen one of us before, most don't ever see us. We're too careful for that.

"I know what you are! You're one of those wood nymphs! Wait till everyone hears about this!" He said excitedly.

"That's all good and well, but you must leave, there is a beast coming." I had said a little annoyed with him.

"What kind of beast!" He didn't even seem intimidated.... Hmmmm.... Peculiar.

I started to speak but was cut off by a ferocious growling. Great, here it came and the boy was still here. I was going to have to get involved.

Now the boy was terrified, he backed against the tree as if it would keep him alive.

I jumped inbetween the boy and the beast, and allowed myself to be seen. The        bear-thing roared in fury. It knew my type. I came at it with my short staff, and well you can guess what happened next. We fought and eventually it retreated, probably to never come back to these woods again.

The boy looked at me with admiration in his eyes and said, "Thank you, you saved my life, my name is Thorn."

"I am Emerald." I told him, then, I dissapeared.

The End

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