Emerald shook her head angrily when he mentioned a rock face full of cave. Idiot doesn't he know about Shadow Cavers, her thourghts hissed. He obviously doesn't get out much.

Emerald felt like yelling with joy as the Phoenix swopped to enter tain her. She patted the phoenix and whispered to it kindly.

"What's up with her? She's a bit hyped up" Kamika muttered. Emerald wanted to laugh at the idiocity. She noticed the approaching cave and pulled her knee to her cheast holding on tight.

The landed and Kamika jumped of. "Go ahead" Thorn muttered. Kamika shrugged and headed into the cave. Thorn jump down and came to the feet of the Phoenix. He began to scan. Then bang, he saw Emerald and he knew he had seen her before. Long ago when he was only a child.

"Hiya, Elven boy" Emerald muttered. She had used the same greeting that she had used when she had met him years ago.

The day she had saved him from death.

The End

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