Emerald followed the elves as best she could. They were really hard to follow even though her sight was stronger than theirs. She watch them land and watch the mist fade revealling the now deserted land. Emerald folded her arms and shook her head watching their astonished faces.

"Elves, should no more" Emerald mutters she immediatly regrets it as the female elf turns.

"What was that?" she says scared.

"I don't know" the male elf whispers. Then Emerald spots it, I know him he's Prince Thorn. She crouches to the forest floor avoiding eye contact. She's now not so sure if she want to be seen. The mist is after him, her thourghts hiss.

"We should go Kamika" Thorn says moving back to get on the phoenix. Emerald whispers to the phoenix to not be scared when she sitson it's legs

"Calm" Emerald says as it takes of heading into the sky above the forest. Leaving it for the first time Emerald felt suddenly scared.

The End

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