What do I write on! Emerald was frantically looking around. All these trees.... The thought of them alive in the forest made her angry. But no time to be mad about it now, she had to focus. Well, maybe a bad idea but here goes.

She stepped lightly over towards Kamika, carrying the ink with her. Kamika was sitting in a chair arms outstretched onto the table in front of her, watching Thorn. Emerald stepped forward and, as softly as she could, began to write atop her arm. You must leave, the mist is coming once again. It will not leave you this time.

She was satisfied with her work, and the fact that Kamika hadn't looked up once or felt anything whilst she did it. Hopefully she would notice it soon. For now Emerald had to get out of here, it was driving her crazy, being in an enclosed space. I'll wait for them outside, she thought to herself.

"Thorn! Thorn look!" Kamika yelled in fright. She had just seen writing on her arm, warning her to leave.

"It says the mist is coming." She looked up at Thorn, scared for her life. He would save her, she trusted him completely, like she had never trusted anyone since.... nevermind can't think about that now, it'll only make matters worse.

"Let's get out of here." Thorn said, he knew how scared she was, he couldn't bear to see her like this.

They ran out the door, jumped on the pheonix, and were gone just in time.

Emerald slipped silently after them.

The mist engulfed the library. There would be nothing left of it now

The End

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