Emerald ran with all her might towards the elven land trying to keep ahead of the mist of loss by shortcuts through trees. She reached the area way before the mist and looked around desperate. She saw the Phoenix and ran for the libary.

Her hair was wild around her. She slammed the doors open and ran through the discusting corridors. They smelt foul to Emerald, they smelt of dead trees covered with ink and leather. She ingorned it and found the two elves leaning over a very large book.

Wait, what do I do now? Her thourghts were wild. If she just pulled them away, they would start to get confused at how thin air was pulling them. Then it hit her. She ran to a table where paper and ink was and grabbed the ink bottle. She went to the table they were at and saw the boy look up horrified

"I think we've got ourselves into something big here Mika," said the boy his eyes full with worry. "If what the Book says is right, then this is something far more serious than I thought. We've just encountered something that hasn't been seen in thousands of years. And now it's out to get us."

Emerald shivered remebering the last time this had happened. She was only a young wood nymph then. Then without hesitation she began to write.

The End

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