The Book of Old

Thorn approached the door of the Library with some apprehension. He'd never liked this place; it smelt odd, of old musty books and semi-fermented ink. Not to mention all the ancient mouldy history he'd had shoved down his throat in his younger years. Elvish princelings were supposed to be highly educated, and Thorn's father wasn't one to let tradition slip. No wonder the mere thought of the place brough up memories of long lists of unpronouncable ancient kings and various events that Thorn thought sounded like something out of a legend.

However, Thorn thought, desperate times call for desperate measures. And now, he was definately desperate. Giving the old door a firm kick to open it, the dark-haired elf slipped in, Kamika following him like a shadow. Winding between piles and piles of old texts, some yellowed with age and other collecting dust in corners, they wandered until, at the very end of the Library, they found what they were looking for. Sitting on a raised plinth at the top of a flight of steps, the decorated cover decorated with painstakingly painted illustrations. The Book of Old, the most ancient and revered book in elvish history. Thorn shuddered as he picked it up, feeling the sheer weight of the words it contained. Placing it on a table, he opened it and started hunting through the pages for anything that could help them.

Damn my ancestors, Thorn thought irritably, could they not just put a damned index in here! This blasted book's so full of waffle it's a wonder anyone can read it at all!

Finally, after much irritating hissing from Thorn and confused looks from Kamika, their eyes came to rest on the final page of the book. The passage written on it was short, lacking any of the embellishment and painful longwindedness of the other pages. But the words were still enough to chill Thorn's heart as he read them.

When he'd finished he looked up at Kamika, the look of shock on her face mirroring that of his own.

"I think we've got ourselves into something big here Mika," said Thorn, his stormy eyes clouded with worry. "If what the Book says is right, then this is something far more serious than I thought. We've just encountered something that hasn't been seen in thousands of years. And now it's out to get us."

The End

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