Emerald looks at them. Sitting on their branch high up in a tree. Unfortunately she can not help. The forest is silent and so she must remain the same unless discovered of corse. She wants them to see her. But of corse being a wood nymph she blends in well. She looks only about 17 years old but shes way older. Her skin is pale while her eyes and hair are a pale green and her teeth sharp. She's also wearing a green top and trouser made from leaves. Pretty well if she'd say so herself.

She sighs and slides off the branch to the forest floor. Even if they did spot her they wouldn't know what she was. Elves were quite oblivious to her kind, blind as well. They could only see her if they look directly into her eyes. Which gave her one chance in a billion of being seen.

She skips away trying to listen for any word from the forest. She goes over and presses her ear to a tree but no voice rises from it.

Why is the forest quiet? She doesn't like having to stay quiet. Most of her kind are far away. She's the only one that lives in this part of the forest. Then she sees it ahead. The mist of loss and she runs with all my might away from it. She hides herself in a tree and watches it pass, heading towards the elven land.

The End

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