Kamika whimpered quietly, digging her hands into the phoenix's feathers, trying to become stronger through him. The phoenix looked at her, and she tried to smile, but from the reaction of the phoenix looking away, she guess that her smile had been more of a grimace.

She looked around the forest. If Thorn couldn't hear anything, she sure couldn't. He was the watch out because of his good hearing. She was just head chef, nothing special.

The wind went through the trees, singing as it whipped through the leaves. What would happen to them? Where do they go? Better yet, where did everyone else go?

"Thorn, we have to find them," he lifted his head from his hands.

"I know," he said, "I just don't know how,"

"Well," I reply, standing up and walking over to him, "Maybe this has happened before, maybe we can find something in the Book of the Old,"

Thorn looked out to the forest as Kamika spoke, but as soon as she'd said "Book of the Old," he looked back at her face.

"Do you think we should visit The Library?"

"Exactly," said Kamika, smiling and pulling Thorn up off the branch.

The End

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