When they reached the higher branches of the Oak, Thorn scrambled off the phoenix's back and scrambled out along the branch. He raised his head and, just like before, seemed to freeze in place as he listenened for any sign of what had just happened.

But, much to Thorn's frustration, the forest remained silent as a grave. Kamika watched him, biting her lip to stop it from wobbling, looking hopeful that he might have heard something. Thorn simply sighed and shook his head sadly, a few strands of red-brown hair falling over his face.

"Nothing." he said simply, "Absolutely nothing. I don't understand, this doesn't make any sense!" He turned out to face the forest and yelled, in no particular direction, "Why aren't you telling me anything? What is going on?"

Once again, the forest made no reply. Thorn snarled something along the lines of "damn you" and sat down on the branch, head in his hands, staring at the forest floor below him and trying to think through the confusion in his mind. Kamika stayed where she was, standing beside the phoenix, watching him, pleading with her eyes that he thought of something.

She was, unfortunately, to be dissapointed.

The End

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