The Phoenix

Kamika grasped at Thorn's T-shirt.

"Thorn," she whispered before she began to sob quietly.

"Shh, It's ok," he whispered, reassuring himself and Kamika. "Shh," he held her close to his chest trying to protect her.

Kamika looked around. Everything looked exactly the same. No cups overturned, no tables tipped over. It was as if the people had simply vanished.

"Where are they?" she whispered again,

"I don't know, but we should get out of here," Thorn said, looking close to sobs himself.

Kamika gave a soft whistle, and the large phoenix that had been in the rafters swooped down. "Get on," she said, hoisting Thorn up before she followed on.

"Let's go to the highest branches" said Thorn, sounding every bit like the Elfin Prince he was.

Kamika mumbled softly to the phoenix before it rose and floew out of the great oak tree through a large hole in the top.

"Are we going to be ok?" asked Kamika, her hands shaking as she gripped the feathers of the great bird.

"Yes," said Thorn, but she could hear the uncertainty in his voice.

The End

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