"Isn't this great, Thorn!" Kamika asked excitedly.

"Yes, it's perfect thank you." He replied, a little tired.

Walking around, they could tell things were dying down, people were beginning to say their goodbyes and finishing their drinks.

That's when it happened.

A screeching sound filled the air. Thorn and Kamika fell to the ground, feeling as if their heads were splitting because of the noise. All around people were screaming and running, parents searching for their younger children.

A large shadow fell over everything. It became silent once more.

The mist came again. This time more and more until it was engulfing their senses. It seemed to flow into their very souls, freezing them.

Thorn and Kamika clung to eachother. Barely able to breathe.

Then, as soom as the mist had come, it was gone.

Dazed, Kamika and Thorn stood. After helping Kamika up they looked around and gasped.

There was noone around. They had vanished.

They were alone.

The End

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