"Come on people! Thorn is going to be back any minute, we have to get this show on the road!" Kamika screamed at the other elfin-like creatures in the hollow. She was sitting in the middle of all this racket, and still, no one had noticed the large pheonix sitting in the rafters inside the Great Oak Tree.

The Great Oak Tree was like the City Hall of Gerania. All the celebrations, court meetings, and other important things went on in here, but today, by special request, it was being used as the venue for Thorn's surprise party. Kamika was so happy, Thorn was just about to turn 100, a wonderful thing, although she was already 113, and she bugged him in every way possible.

"Ok, no. Rose, if you want to have Thorns and his family sit at that table, you're going to need a bigger one, after all, there are 16 of them!"

"Please Kamika, calm down! No need for you to get all hyped up. We know you love Thorn, but you really need to breath, for our sake, his sake and yours," Kamika's mother came over and patted her shoulder, "It's going to be alright."

Kamika took three long breaths before thanking her mother and running to check where Thorn was . . . again.

"OH MY GODESS!" she yelled, "Everyone! Places! Thorn is right around the corner!! HIDE!"

Kamika jumped down from the look out perch and stood by the door. She'd sent Thorn a message earlier, telling him to meet her in the Great Oak. Please come, please come.

Thorn came through, opening the door slowly. He looked inside and Kamika, hiding behind the door, motioned for everyone to jump up.


The End

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