Song of the Wilderness

A short writing exercise I did for school. I thought it would make a good beginning to a story, so I've posted it up here. Feel free to join in and mess with it!

Mist. Swirling white tendrils of vapour, twisting and winding their way through the trees like tentacular limbs. The trees themselves stood like tall, dark sentinels, their now leafless branches reaching like clawing hands up to an unforgiving iron-grey sky. The forest floor, once thronging with the rustles of the busy forest creatures lay like some desolate graveyard, the withered brown leaves motionless and the thick green moss untouched by any living thing.

And all drowned in the neverending sea of thick white mist. An impenetrable veil, thick and ice-cold as the silence that hung like a dead weight in the air.

Nothing stirred. One could have heard a spider spinning it's web in the quiet.

All still. All silent.


The End

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