Drakmor awoke earlier than anyone else, with the exception of Lucas, of course. The jerk was sitting in a tree, watching the others as they slept. Drakmor ignored him and instead took in the scenery. It was beautiful! Though he had already seen much of the 'plain' where the Facility was located and a lot of these woods, Drakmor was still fascinated by it all! The smell of plants unfamiliar to him, the sight of trees born from the actual sun. It was fantastic! 

The sunlight had illuminated the remains of a small fire and sleeping forms all around it. Valeria had her hair covering most of her body as she slept gracefully on her side. Vivi lay next to her on her back, arms folded as if she were laying in wait instead of sleeping. Randall lay on the opposite side of the fire, of course, and his snoring made Drakmor wonder how the girls could stay asleep. Lady, for some reason, was no where to be found. Nor was Lorenzo. Oh well. Drakmor just smiled. Maybe he would go for a walk and see if he could find them.

"Where are you going?" 

Drakmor stopped at the edge of the campground and looked to Lucas. The man had a scowl on his face. It looked ugly, though Drakmor wouldn't say out loud. No need to piss off the jerk. "Just for a walk, leader," he said sarcastically. What a stiff.

"Don't get spotted and don't go into town," Lucas replied, turning away to watch the still sleeping forms of the others. The tree branch he was on was thick, but that didn't stop Drakmor from his planning. It would only take one powered hit on the tree to knock Lucas down... 

Before Drakmor could even budge, though, Lady rushed out of a nearby bush and tackled Drakmor. The force of the impact knocked Drakmor to the ground and made the large dog roll a little ways. She stopped just before hitting Randall's sleeping form and got to her feet. The look on her face told Drakmor that she was ready to play.

Drakmor rolled to his feet and pulled off his shirt. He would need it later, so he didn't want it ripping. Besides, it was a nice shirt. Now, Lady liked to hit low, so Drakmor decided to do the same. Fast! Lady was upon him in an instant, closing the distance like a bullet. Drakmor grunted as his arm met the dog's massive torso. Lady immediately stood on her hind legs and pushed Drakmor into the air. Being larger than he in general size, Drakmor was easily pushed into the air and down on his back. So powerful!

The dog stood over him, obviously thinking herself the victor. Well, she was wrong. Drakmor would win this. Mainly because he was the best wrestler out of the two of em, but also because he couldn't look weak in front of Lucas. Time to show that jerk who was the best!

Drakmor grabbed Lady around the chest, which was no small feat considering he had to sit up without getting knocked back down by her powerful legs, and surged his blood to give himself a boost of strength. With this much... Yes. Lady flew through the air and into a nearby tree. Drakmor smiled as Lucas lost his balance and fell from the impact. Perfect.


Lucas cursed as he landed in a roll on the grassy forest ground. The fool would pay for messing with him! After all, it's not like Drakmor needed to survive. No, better he be dead anyway! Drakmor laughed and Lady just shook herself and walked over to the Steelcrusher. They truly were a pair. 

Well, they would die as a pair!

Lucas accessed the ability within himself. It only took a moment. He would end this man's life and prevent the future from coming. It was the right thing! He should have done it earlier, but with all the commotion and the others being around at every moment, Lucas hadn't the chance. But now... he did!

And yet....

He couldn't do it. 

The ice was ready to form. It would encase Drakmor and his freakish mutt, instantly freezing them to death. But... Lucas shook his head and watched as Drakmor rubbed Lady down. There was a smile on his face. A look of true friendship toward the mutt. 

"Damnit!" Lucas shouted, releasing the ice built up inside him and walking away. 

"What's wrong?" Drakmor asked from behind with a snort. It was obvious what the man thought of Lucas. Well, let him think it. 

"Nothing, I simply-"

Lucas froze as Lorenzo, in his furry wolf form, burst into camp yelping. The others woke up in an instant with confused looks, but Lucas ignored them and concentrated on the wolf's source of pain. When he finally stopped beside Drakmor, Lucas had confirmed the wound on Lorenzo's back. 

It was from Vesius.

"Everyone," Lucas said, drawing the still-sleepy eyes of the girls and Jim, as well as Drakmor, "Get ready to run." No one moved. They looked to be waiting for something. Lucas hadn't the time to deal with the fools though. "NOW!" He shouted before running toward where Lorenzo had come. He might be able to slow them. 

If they captured Drakmor....

The End

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