A Stolen KissMature

Drakmor stared out into the lights of the 'city.' It was beautiful in the dark, Like a light illuminating the night. The tall buildings stood out the most, but Drakmor focused on the expansion of 'houses' surrounding the mass of buildings. From what Randall said just a moment before, Drakmor knew each house contained a few of the people he once thought of as Creators. 

"You should see London," Randall said from his side. The tall man scratched his head and laughed a little. "God, I miss London."

Drakmor was about to ask about this 'God' that had been plaguing his mind, but Valeria, who sat just behind them, spoke up first. "Is London really more amazing than that place?" she asked in an excited voice. Drakmor had never known her as a toddler, but that's probably what she would have sounded like.

"Excited Val?" Drakmor asked her, his eyes taking in the sight of her in the city light's glow. She looked beautiful. He would have told her so, but she was still mad at him.

Valeria smiled at him, to his surprise. "I am, but don't let that make you think I am over what you did." The smile changed slightly, turning the friendliness of it into a threat. Damn, he would have a ways to go until she was finally satisfied.

"We are not going in there," Lucas said, causing everyone to stare at him. He looked annoyed, very annoyed. "They probably have men looking for us. We stick to the forests." Lucas turned and left the three of them standing there. The man was right, Drakmor realized, but he didn't have to be such a jerk.

"Well," Randall said, "He is right." Drakmor had a thought just then.

"Is your real name Jim?" he asked.

Randall laughed and shook his head. "Don't worry about that. I prefer Randall from you guys." With that he left. Any other member of the group would probably find it suspicious, and they probably did, but Drakmor just didn't care. So what if he goes by many names. He only had one face, as far as Drakmor could tell, and it was a friendly one.

"Drak," Val said, causing him to turn. She was beautiful, with her dark hair now laying over her shoulder and in her lap. She had never once cut her hair that he had known. It was almost like it was taboo to her. That resulted in the hair being nearly to her knees when she stood.

"Yes, little girl?" Drakmor smiled and walked toward her. Maybe this was her way of finally forgiving him. 

"We need to trust Lucas," she said, ruining Drakmor's mood.

"Why? All he does is boss us around and watch us from the shadows." Drakmor kicked at the grass beneath his feet. "Not to mention he has those papers that have something to do with us..." Valeria looked troubled. "What is it?"

She shook her head. "He has a darkness in his eyes, but he never lies. I haven't been able to see anything vicious toward us, just a detachment." She sighed. Drakmor knew what she meant. Val had always been good at reading people, even when they're lying.

"Are you sure?" Drakmor asked. Valeria nodded. "Man... I trust you Val, but it will be hard." Drakmor  walked toward Valeria, stopping long enough to kiss her once, then ran off before she could get mad. 

"Nice one," a voice said. Drakmor stopped, nearly tripping, and turned to see Viviana staring at him. She looked... odd. 

"You ok, shy girl?" Drakmor said jokingly. Viviana blushed slightly and made herself smaller by shrinking. 

"Um... I was going to t-talk to Val..." She said nervously. It was odd, but Drakmor was too happy with the kiss he had stolen, so he just passed the small girl and continued toward the campgrounds. He hadn't had a kiss since that night in the facility.

The End

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