Randall sneered. "Well, he's not the nicest guy, huh?"

Drakmor laughed. He was still curious about those papers, but he would ignore it for now. A hard feat, yet possible. If just barely. "He has his issues, but we owe him." The others nodded in unison, with the exception of Valeria, who obviously thought of herself as free from debt.

"Drakmor, Drakmor, Drakmor!" 

Drakmor turned to see Lorenzo, now in his wolfish form, running at him, Lady on his heels. He caught the creature and threw him over his shoulder. Lorenzo tried to fight back, but he wasn't good enough to beat Drakmor yet. Though, Drakmor was unable to be beaten by anyone! He was the Steelcrucher and the 'creation' that escaped the facility. 

"You lost to Severain," Valeria said. Drakmor frowned at her. How had she known that? Did one of the other's tell her?

"He cheated," Drakmor replied, throwing Lorenzo on the ground. He rolled and changed into his larger human form, laughing as he did it. He was an odd one, sure, but Drakmor had never seen him laugh as he changed. It was... odd.

"Of course he did..." Valeria got up and walked off. Viviana, probably unwilling to let herself be in the middle of the rest of the guys, got up and followed her. 

"She seems mad at you, Drakmor," Randall said. He smiled slightly and pushed his long black hair back. "Did you break up with her or something?" 

Drakmor met the tall man's green eyes. "Why would I break her?" Randall acted like he had been punched. Had Drakmor done something? Well, he was ABOUT to do something if the man was suggesting Drakmor had hurt Valeria.

"Ok.... I don't know what they teach you in that place," He said with a laugh, "But on the surface when two people like each other, they are called a couple. When they no longer like each other, it is called breaking up." Drakmor nodded as Randall explained. Why have such weird ways when you could just BE together. Was a status so important with the surface people?

Lady barked, demanding Drakmor's attention. "Look," Drakmor said in a serious tone, "Lucas just left from listening in on our conversation, I want you to stare at him as much as possible tomorrow." Randall looked confused. Drakmor just smiled. Not many had known about his eyes and how they gave fear to whoever looked into them. Drakmor, though, had known since the first time he saw him. Randall always avoided looking at people since he first came to the facility. Drakmor had managed to get the info from a 'creator.'

"What will that do?"

"Easy," Drakmor said, lifting Lady and throwing her across the clearing. It took him flaring his mercury blood to do so, but she was a heavy dog. "We will make him want to give us those papers in exchange for freedom for your eyes." 

Randall smiled. "That's downright mean, Drakmor. I like it!"

The End

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