Around the FireMature

Drakmor sat with an unstoppable smile on his face and wearing nothing but his grey pants. A fire before him flickered with life, revealing the clearing in the woods they were in. It really was remarkable. In the facility - a term he now used to describe the underground world he came from - they had been strict on fire. It was only used in the battle rooms on occasion. Drakmor had never seen a fire used for warmth. They had had heating through ventilation systems.

Lucas sat across the fire from Drakmor. It had been three days since their escape, yet the man still looked energized and anxious to go. What was it that drove him? Earlier that day, Lucas had only stopped for one break. Since Viviana was apparently very athletic, she stayed with him. But, Randall, Valeria, Lady, and Lorenzo all fell behind. Lucas was eventually persuaded to stop by Viviana, but Drakmor didn't know how. 

A shuffling joined the sounds of flames flickering and Drakmor turned to see Randall. Behind him stood Viviana and Valeria. Lorenzo and Lady were still out. 

"Anyone following us?" Lucas asks. Randall just shakes his head. The women had went with him to scout, though their reasons were different. Viviana wanted to be his 'back-up' or something and Valeria was making sure they weren't up to no good. "Well, that's good. Now if we could only move faster..." He glared at the three of them. Valeria glared back, but Viviana hid behind Randall.

"Calm down, Lucas," Randall said, "I don't know where you're leading us, but I am sure it won't be moving anytime soon." He wiped his hands on his long torn coat and walked to sit beside Drakmor. "You still amazed it actually exists, like the girl over there?"

Drakmor laughed a little. "I had always knew it existed, I just never thought it would be so great!" He laughed. 

"What's so great about it?" Valeria snapped at Drakmor. It was obvious that she was still upset about the whole escape, but Drakmor was sure she would get better. He watched as she took a seat beside Drakmor, opposite of Randall. Viviana looked torn. It was obvious she didn't want to be near Lucas, but if she sat down around the fire she would be forced to sit near him.

"Here, miss shy," Randall said scooting down. Viviana offered her thanks, then sat between Drakmor and the tall man. Drakmor sighed. He considered himself tall, but Randall had to be the tallest man he had ever met. 

An awkward silence hit the area. Drakmor would have broke it, but he really didn't care at the moment. He was more interested in the night sky. It was amazing. The facility had only a simulation, like they did with the sun, but it was nothing compared to the real thing. 

"So... Th-that was some plan..." Viviana said nervously. Drakmor smiled at her. She had been more talkative during the escape, but it seemed as though that stage was over and her shyness had returned. Should Drakmor tell Valeria he found that adorable?

"Yeah," Valeria said sharply, as if on cue. She stared at Drakmor from the corner of his eye. Why was she always upset with him? First it was because of the fights between Severain and him, then it was the Escape attempts, and now it was her freedom? Maybe if he gave her a bunch of sweets she would yell at him more?

"Well... I can't take all the credit. Lucas, there, had the master plan already set up." Drakmor could at least avert the anger. 

"And he told you to take me with you?" Valeria yelled. Viviana and Randall looked off in the distance, as if distracted. Lucas just ignored everyone. Was there no one to help him.

"No..." Drakmor said silently, his smile leaving his face. Time to change the subject. "Lucas, what is the reason you wanted to escape?" Lucas ignored him. He was such a lovely guy. 

"What are those papers you have hidden?" Randall asked Lucas after a moment. Lucas did respond to that.

"Nothing," he said, almost to fast. 

Drakmor stood. He remembered the papers. Lucas had them clutched in his hands when they broke out of the last door. "Lucas, are they related to us?"

The man stared at him. "I'm going to bed." Lucas walked off into the darkness. 

The End

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