Operation Escape: Complete.Mature

"I am Aeron," the man replied with a slight smirk. "I'm guessing you guys are either ignorant of my attack or escapees?" Aeron walked forward and stared at Drakmor's group. What was up with this guy? He looked like he was talking about the weather. Was he a man who lived on the surface then?

Drakmor still wanted to stare in awe at his surroundings, but kept an eye on the man in blue instead. He could view the scenery later. Behind him, Lucas and the others had caught up. It seemed that Lucas was still annoyed at Lorenzo, but it was masked when he noticed Aeron. 

"Who are you?" Lucas demanded, stepping toward the man with a malicious look in his eye. Drakmor hated the man's anger and his violent nature, but he understood completely why he was like this. They didn't know if this man was ally or enemy.

Aeron sighed and walked to the side. "While I would love to give you all my name one at a time, I really need to get to work." The man started walking past Drakmor's group and toward the door. After a few steps, though, he stopped and turned. "Since you guys don't seem like Organization members, can you tell me anything about a Galen Ackearose?"

Drakmor shook his head at the man. Lucas, on the other hand, glanced toward Drakmor and then Aeron.  Drakmor was about to question him when Randall stepped forward. 

"You... Are you one of the Orient?" 

Aeron smiled widely and spread his arms. "Jim!? Wow! They have been looking for you for a few years now!" Randall moved forward and stretched out a hand. Drakmor wanted to yell at him to stop, but decided to keep his mouth shut. He didn't know Randall very well and the rumors of him told Drakmor he came from the serface. Was this Aeron a friend? And why was Randall going under a false name?

"I don't think we've met," Randall said as Aeron took his hand. "I am Randall to these guys." 

Drakmor watched and felt confused. Valeria, who stood just beside him, scowled at the man. She never had liked people who lied, whether it be a small one or a big one. Sarcasm she could take, but to straight up lie was a mistake. Drakmor learned this years back, during his youth.

"So, your name is Jim?" Viviana asked from beside Lucas. Drakmor saw Viviana looking annoyed as well. It was odd. She had forgotten about all the people around, or else she would be too shy to speak.

"Look," Aeron said, looking around, "we don't have time for this. You guys can escape around this building. I've cleared the path, so good luck on getting to freedom." With that he ran into the doorway. Drakmor had a million questions for Randall, but he ignored them.

"We need to leave," Lucas said out loud, speaking Drakmor's thoughts for him. Lady barked in agreement and Lorenzo just imitated her. Valeria and Viviana nodded to the statement as well, though Valeria glared at Drakmor as she did. It was obvious what she meant by the glare.

'I'll go,' it said, 'but later we are going to talk.'

Drakmor wanted to think it would be a friendly talk, but he knew otherwise. He had essentially kidnapped her and took her away from the only home they had ever knew to search for something that might not exist.

Well, Drakmor had been right. The surface did exist and they stood on it as proof. He still loved the wind blowing through his long silver hair and making his bare torso enjoy the air. Drakmor was going to love it up here.

He knew he would.

The group followed Lucas to the side of the broken building. The entrance to the facility where Drakmor had lived his whole life faded around the corner. He stared back at his companions. Valeria looked annoyed, but he saw her excitement. Viviana scowled at Randall, but she too had a look of relief hidden underneath. Randall smiled widely and showed his excitement in full. Lady and a furry Lorenzo both had tongues out and ran in the rear, joy showing in their expressions. 

Lastly, Drakmor looked to Lucas, who was ahead of him. He could not see his face, nor did he know him well, but the way the man ran, the way he breathed, gave it away. The man was excited and driven, probably more so than the rest of them. It was almost like this was just a step in what he wanted, instead of the goal itself. 

Drakmor smiled and enjoyed the moment. For this was probably the only time he could remember everything going his way.

The End

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