The Man in BlueMature

Drakmor slammed into Lucas, knocking the smaller man down and tripping himself up. The dark haired man cursed and stood back up. Drakmor apologized and stood up as well. He would have explained himself, but it would just make Valeria more angry with him. She always hated it when he was staring at her like a pervert and Drakmor dared not add any more to the bonfire that was her current rage.

Ahead of them was a door. Other than the huge dent in the steel frame, it didn't seem any different than the others they passed. Lucas apparently thought otherwise. His eyes were sharp and his expression blank. He wiped his hands on his black pants and grabbed the door slowly. Was there something he was expecting beyond here?

"HURRY! HURRY!" Lorezo yelled suddenly, causing Lady to bark and Lucas to glare at the now-wolf like form of Lorenzo. The man changed back into his human form and shrank down. Drakmor took it for guilt, but he immediately realized the error of the thought.

"Lorenzo, don't-" Too late.

The man jumped, changing in mid-air, and charged the door that Lucas still held on to. The frame gave away, sending both Lorenzo and the steel door flying on impact. Drakmor and Valeria ran to check on Lorenzo. He was an idiot sometimes, but his strange behavior was always unpredictable. Lady trotted behind them, leaving Viviana and Randall behind to deal with Lucas, who now wore an angry expression.

"Idiot," Drakmor mumbled when he reached the man. He started to help the man up, making sure Valeria didn't help as well. He didn't want to chance Lorenzo infecting her. The naked man was heavy, but Drakmor was strong, so it was no problem lifting Lorenzo up. He just wished he didn't have to deal with that breath. It was enough to knock anyone else out.

"Drak...," Valeria said, causing Drakmor to look her way, then notice their surroundings for the first time.

A huge smile split Drakmor's face.

Above them was... nothing. There was only white puffy things and an orange sky. Was it dawn, then? Drakmor knew that was what the crea- people in the facility had said when the Gardens did this. They never had the white things, but the orange glow was something they definitely had. They probably were trying to keep a reminder of the surface down in the facility.

Drakmor stopped himself. He was on the SURFACE! It felt amazing. He had always believed it existed, though his doubts had threaded through the hope. Now, he was staring at the sky! Something he had only dreamed about was happening. Taking a huge inhale, Drakmor could smell a certain... freshness about the air. He ignored the hint of stench that made him nearly gag. Lorenzo's breath would NOT ruin this moment.

"Drak..." Valeria said to his right, "How do you feel?"

Drakmor stared at her, a smile still spreading across his face. She looked beautiful. Her pitch black hair had been released from the string that had held it, allowing the strands to flow in the slight breeze that traveled to her right. The simple white dress, which carried tears and smudge marks from their journey upward, looked marvelous on her slim figure, especially with the slight orange glow that covered it. The only thing that Drakmor didn't like was her expression.

It was one of fear.

"Val..." Drakmor said slowly, setting Lorenzo down next to where his large silver dog, Lady, had decided to sit, "I feel amazing, but how do you feel?" She didn't answer, so Drakmor decided to give her time. He was used to doing this anyway. She always took her time giving answers to his complicated questions. And nothing was more complicated than how a woman felt.

Drakmor took the time to look around for the first time. He had been so excited about the sky that he had forgotten Lucas and the others, not to mention where on the surface they were. He found they were in a large plain. The door they had exited from connected to a massive structure that looked... well, it looked like someone had tried to demolish it. The only distinguishable feature it held was one tower. It reminded Drakmor of the fortress they used to practice taking down in the facility. 

Lucas and the others, Drakmor noticed, were walking his way. The small black-haired man held some papers, for some reason. Where had he gotten those? 

Before he could call out anything to Lucas, however, a man walked out of the shadows of the building's wreckage. The only thing that distinguished him, were his blue coat and hair. 

"Who are you?" Drakmor called, causing everyone to notice the strange man. For some reason, Drakmor felt as if he knew this man... As if he could trust him.

It was almost like they were old friends, this man in blue and Drakmor.

The End

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