Nearing FreedomMature

Drakmor ran down the hallway after Lucas. It had been an hour now since they appeared near that ray of light and everyone was growing tired. Drakmor was even starting to doubt there was a surface with as many stairs they had climbed. Valeria and Jim's faces said the same thing. Drakmor decided to try and change up the mood.

"Viviana, Why do these hallways look so damaged?" Drakmor asked the woman, who was ahead  of them and beside Lucas. She looked back, seeming surprised that someone was talking to her. She was shy. It was a surprise she had even been able to work well in the group that Drakmor had gathered.

"Well," She said slowly, "There was a man who attacked this facility."

"A man!?" Drakmor asked her, "How could one man fight all of the creator's with their weaponry!?" The 'creators' had stores of weaponry and not to mention men like Veseus and Severain to defend their home. It was hard to believe one man could do all this damage to the facility.

Drakmor had seen cuts in the walls and piles of bones that not even he could have accomplished and he was supposed to be a masterpiece. At least that's what his creator had said.

'No!' Drakmor thought ferociously, 'They are not creators!'

"Apparently he was trying to get to his son," Viviana continued, her breath finally growing a little heavy like the others. She had a lot of energy for a small woman. "I was just a guard back then, so I never saw the man, but he was said to be an elderly man with a revolver and an army of..." She shivered, as if haunted by something, "...skeletons."

Valeria and Drakmor looked at each other. Her perfect face held the same confusion that Drakmor's did. Viviana looked back and noticed their expression. She didn't seem surprised by them though. It WAS a bit far-fetched and Drakmor was sure she knew it.

"Bones! Bones!" Lorenzo yelled from behind. Drakmor looked back, trying hard not to stop and stare at Valeria's chest. It was a hard feat, but he managed.

Lorenzo was in his human form and riding Lady, Drakmor's loyal silver dog. She usually didn't like people touching her, but for some reason she had gotten along with Lorenzo since they had met the other day. Lorenzo hadn't been hard to convince to join his cause. All he had to do was say fun and the half-man half-wolf was in. 

Valeria, on the other hand, had never agreed. Drakmor stole a look at her, hoping she was feeling better now that they had proof of the surface. Her face told him she was still mad.

'Damn...,' Drakmor thought, 'Still mad, huh? Maybe once we reach the surface she will forgive me.' Drakmor smiled, stealing a glimpse into Valeria's dress. He had a new plan, it seemed.

The End

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