Glimmer of FreedomMature

Drakmor reappeared in a dim hallway, decorated with wear and tear. It looked like the hallways  near the upper levels of his home, except older and abandoned.

"Where are we," Randall asked, looking genuinely confused. Viviana pulled out a flashlight from her small pack on her waist and turned it on, illuminating the old hallway.

"Looks like an abandoned portion of the facility," Viviana said, earning a confused look from Randall. The short woman simply blushed and focused on searching their surroundings.

"Look look!" Lorenzo yelled, causing the group to stare at the strange man. Was it a guard? Or was it-

"Lorenzo..." Drakmor said, realizing what the man was staring at, "That is just a light from..." His voice trailed off as he saw the source of the light: A crack in the ceiling. 

"Drakmor...." Valeria said in a surprised voice, "Is that what I think it is?"

Drakmor dared not answer. It seemed to good to be true. He had spent years thinking up ways to escape to the fabled surface and here it was. Sure, he had liked living with the false creators, despite their deception, but his curiousity made it hard to accept that lie of a world.

"We made it...?" Lucas said from Drakmor's arms. He helped Lucas to his feet. "Finally..."

"Lucas, you should-"

"Shut up!" Lucas yelled. Drakmor shrank away, mainly from confusion. Randall and Viviana stared at Lucas oddly, while Valeria just looked annoyed with the man. Lorenzo and Lady just growled. What was wrong with Lucas? He had a glint in his eyes that looked oddly like the one in Lorenzo's.

"Lucas," Drakmor said sternly, causing the man to come out of his trance, "We need to move before they locate us." The other man noticed everyone staring at him and nodded grimly.

"Right," Lucas said softly as he looked down the hallways. "We will have to find another way."

"Why?" Valeria retorted, "We can get out if we can rip that open a bit more."

This time Viviana, who was usually shy, spoke up. "It's impossible. This little hole was probably caused by something like an explosion from a missile."

"BOOM!" Lorenzo yelled. He leaped into the air and grabbed the small crack, trying to pull himself through it even though the opening was too small for his arm even.

"Lorenzo, come on," Drakmor said as he started to follow Lucas, who had headed off to the left. Lady and the others in the group followed. 

They were almost free.

The End

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