Drakmor 'popped' into Valeria's room. There was no other way to describe it. One minute he had been in a swirling mass of darkness and the next, he was standing in Valeria's room along with the others.

"What... was that?" Drakmor asked, speaking for everyone.

Valeria blushed slightly. "I told you I was strange...," she murmured, "Oh!" She ran over to Drakmor, who still held a bleeding Lucas. "Lay him on the bed, NOW!" She yelled at Drakmor, causing him to smile briefly. 

Drakmor laid Lucas on her bed, causing the smaller man to grunt. Valeria leaned over Lucas, placing one hand on his forehead and one hand on his chest. Drakmor watched in shock as the wound in Lucas' gut to shrink into a small scar.

"Woah," said Randall and Viviana together. 

"Go watch the doorway for guards," Drakmor told the two before walking over to where Lorenzo had started playing with Lady. 

"You mean the Creators?" Randall asked, seeming confused.

"No!" Drakmor replied harshly, "They are just people." He knew Randall wasn't good at dealing with bad situations, so it was no surprise when the man walked off to join Viviana at the doorway.

Drakmor didn't know why he was mad, nor did he let himself stay mad. A smile appeared on his face once more. Optimism was his greatest ally, aside from Valeria. And it was those two things that would free them.

"Done," Valeria announced, standing up and heading to where Drakmor stood, "You will need to carry him though... Sorry."

Drakmor pushed a strand of her incredibly long hair behind her ear. "I don't mind," He said, ignoring Lorenzo who tugged on his pants leg asking to play. The man really was just like a dog.

"Guys," Randall said, sounding panicked, " I hate to break up your lovefest" - Valeria blushed - "but we have company."

Sure, enough, Drakmor heard several dozens of footsteps.

"Drak, grab Lucas," Valeria said, taking command, "Everyone else, get over here." Drakmor grabbed Lucas, loving that Valeria had taken charge. He didn't know why, but he had always loved her forceful nature.

In the center of the room, another swirling portal opened. Drakmor was weary of the dark thing, but he trusted Val.

The group all touched Valeria's shoulders, except for Lady, who pushed her head against Val's leg, and darkness covered all.

The End

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