Valeria's PowerMature

Lucas ran from his pursuers, realizing he had lost.

Behind him, Severain shattered the last of his ice golems. Lucas hadn't the energy to make more and he was nearly out of energy all together. Why was it that he always lost to everyone. His breaths came heavier and his pace slowed. 

'Damn it,' Lucas thought as he fell on the ground. The knife in his stomach had taken a toll, it seemed. He wouldn't get his revenge after all.....


Drakmor surged his blood and ran to Lucas, who had just fell. He didn't particularly care for the cold man until today, when he showed such passion in the heat of battle. It was evident that Lucas had a goal worth dying for.

Drakmor shivered as he picked up Lucas. Nothing made him scared quite like death did. 

"Alright, we can't afford to fight, so let's run!" Drakmor shouted to the others. They all nodded, with the exception of Lorenzo, who just scratched his ear.

Together, the team took off. Luckily, Lucas had taken out the gun-wielding creat- guards. Now, they only had an angry Severain and a persistant Dwayne. What a great day this was.


Valeria ran into the Garden area, only to find Drakmor, with his clothing ripped in several places, and his group running toward her. They all looked wore out, except for Lorenzo, who just ran in his naked skin. Valeria really did wish he would change back. All those large muscles were disgusting to see. 

"Valeria!" Drakmor wailed with a large smile. Valeria smiled in turn. He looked alright for the most part, at least.

Then, her smile faded.

Behind Drakmor was Severain in a ripped pair of pants and a uniformed Dwayne. Of all the people who could be chasing them, why did it have to be those two?

"Quick, this way!" There was no way that Lucas could help them now. It was up to her.

Lady came around the corner of their exit, followed by a group of Creators. 

"Dammit..." Drakmor growled, coming to a stop beside Valeria. She noticed Lucas' shirt was covered in blood. She never liked Lucas, but she wouldn't let him die. 

"Everyone, touch my shoulder..." Valeria whispered. She had no choice.

Valeria concentrated and formed a vortex of swirling blackness. It was uncomfortable to do, but extremely useful. She had learned how to do it almost instinctively a few years before Drakmor had came to the facility.

She waited for everyone to touch her shoulders - and nearly laughed at Drakmor's jealous gaze - and touched the spinning Darkness.

Everything went black.

The End

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