To the RescueMature

Drakmor awoke Viviana and Randall, ignoring Lorenzo's and the creator's mad laughing. Drakmor  shook his head. They weren't creators.... They were just people. Though it was hard to believe, it was still a fact. Even Severain had said they were regular people and he had been considered a Creator once.

Shaking off the thoughts, Drakmor helped Viviana  up. She had woken up clutching her eyes. Randall held his stomach and moaned as he sat up. What had happened to these  two? They didn't seem to be damaged severely, but they had been through something painful. That much was obvious. Drakmor was just glad they didn't wake up laughing like madmen. Lorenzo had already made Drakmor mad. He might have abandoned the wolfman if he had turned Viviana or Randall mad.

"I'm fine," Viviana said. She pulled away and stood observing the far off battle. Drakmor had noticed it when he first gotten up. Lucas was a very good survivalist and unmatched in tactical fighting, so Drakmor was sure he was still alive. Though the giants made of the clear ice-like substance worried him. What were they and why were they fighting the creators?

Randall got up more shakily than Viviana. He seemed distant, too. "You ok, Randall?" Drakmor asked. Randall didn't move. He just stared at the ground as if something was on his mind. Or could it be...?

Drakmor rushed over and grabbed Lorenzo by the shoulders, lifting him into the air. "Did you lick him!?" Drakmor shouted at the madman. Lorenzo stared at him oddly. 

"Lorenzo is a good boy," he said innocently. Then he smiled crookedly. "I did lick the well-dressed man and you, but no one else. Can I make anyone else laugh?" Drakmor sighed and put down Lorenzo. The man wasn't bad, but the madness often messed him up. 

"Drakmor," Randall said, causing Drakmor to turn to the taller man. "We have to hurry." He seemed to be back to normal now. Drakmor felt relieved and checked on Viviana. She shrugged him off and pulled her gun from the laughing guard's pocket.

"I'm ready," she said, walking to the rest of them.

"Randall, Lorenzo, you guys ready too?" Drakmor asked.

"Yeah yeah!" Lorenzo said, changing into a half wolf - half man form.

"As ready as ever," Randall replied, catching a knife that Drakmor threw at him.

"Well then, lets grab Lucas, find Valeria, and head out of this place," Drakmor said, flaring his blood and running toward the far off battle. He hoped Lucas was alright.

The End

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