Brink of MadnessMature

Drakmor awoke on the operation table. Why was he there again? Were they doing another test?

 A man came into view, with a saw in his hand. Drakmor did not know who this man was, nor why he held a saw. For some reason, Drakmor couldn't move. He tried to surge his blood, so that he may break the binds if there were any, but found he couldn't. In fact, he couldn't even feel any restraints. Was he on some kind of drug?

The man suddenly laughed loudly. Drakmor's heart sank at the sound. It wasn't the laugh of a a normal man, or even that of a satist. Some of the surgeons in the organization were the such. They did their job, but always laughed joyously whenever they cut someone. But this man... He laughed like someone who was completely and utterly insane. 

He laughed like Lorenzo did.

Realization hit Drakmor and he remembered that he had been escaping. He had been knocked out by Veseus and if Lorenzo had found him...

Drakmor needed to break this curse. Or else he would be driven permanently mad.

Lorenzo sat beside Drakmor, still in his beastly form. Drakmor was squirming on the ground, causing Lorenzo to get worried. Maybe Drakmor shouldn't be made to laugh...

Lorenzo remembered Drakmor's words a while back. He had told Lorenzo not to lick him. Lorenzo had forgotten that. Had he messed up? What if he was punished? Drakmor had never punished Lorenzo, but Lorenzo always expected it.

Drakmor screamed out and jumped up. Lorenzo fell backwards and laughed. "You got me!"

"Dammit Lorenzo!" Drakmor yelled, "Why did you do that!?" Why was Drakmor yelling? What did Lorenzo do? 

"What you mean?" Lorenzo asked as he changed into a man. The sky was pretty today.

"Ugh.... Never mind, just DON'T lick anyone else that I call friend!" Drakmor got up and walked to the other figures on the ground, obviously ignoring the wildly laughing man. Lorenzo smiled at that. He had made the stupid man into a funny man. 

Maybe he should make all Drakmor's enemies into funny men. Would Drakmor be happy with that?

Lorenzo laughed quietly as he thought on what he would do. 

The End

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