Insanity DanceMature

Veseus laughed as his mines went off under Lucas, causing a large dust cloud. Veseus had won.

'Yes,' he though giddily, 'I have won.'

Beside Veseus, Severain still fought a giant of ice. He didn't care, though. Veseus knew He wasn't in danger. Severain was a capable fighter as well, though not impressive. Veseus frowned. Wasn't the ice controlled by Lucas' conscious? If they were still up and moving, so was...

He jerked to face another ice colossus. Where had it come from? Veseus noticed the center of the creation had a large hole. Had it taken the blunt of those three mines? It was possible, but it made no sense. It took Lucas almost ten seconds to even form one of those giants, not to mention he could only control five at a time. That's what all the records of when he first escaped. 

Veseus propelled himself to the side with his boot's Booster Shot. It was turning out to be more and more useful as the day went on. Where he had stood, Veseus saw a giant shard of ice penetrating the ground. Was it possible he had been holding back back then? Veseus propelled once more as an giant made of ice swung for him. Now that he thought of it, Veseus did remember the reports saying Lucas could only muster ice creatures the same size as himself. Propelling himself out of the way from another ice shard. Where was Lucas hiding anyway?


Lorenzo rolled in the grass, now in his human form. He loved the feel of this grass. It was always so soft and comfy. Almost like a cloud. Wait, had Lorenzo ever slept on a cloud? 

Lorenzo sighed and ignored the thought. Maybe he would one day. But not today. Or would he today? 

Jerking his head to the side, he noticed a battle. Two insects of some kind were fighting over territory, it seemed. They were adorable when they fought. Maybe it was really a lovers quarrel?

Lorenzo changed into his beast side, and continued to watch. But he eventually got distracted. There were others in the park. Maybe it was a ball. They seemed to be running around a lot. It was funny. They looked like little bugs from this distance. 

"Wha- What are you doing here!?" A voice said near Lorenzo. He looked up. Was it God? His head turned to the battling insects. Maybe it was the bugs? 

"Sorry," he said in a grizzled voice, "I did not mean to interrupt." Nearby a man walked up and stomped both bugs. Too bad, the bigger one almost had the other bug. Lorenzo lazily stared up at the man. He wore pretty clothing.

"What are you-" the pretty man froze halfway through. He seemed afraid of something. Should Lorenzo give this man a hug? Or maybe a lick so he can laugh? "Where is... Where is your collar...?" He said shakily. It was a simple question. Or was it?

"Drakmor removed collar," Lorenzo said. Why was his collar important? Lorenzo laid his head down. He had played too much today. It was nap time. But... wait. Why was the light still on if it was sleep time? 

The man backed away, making Lorenzo look his way. He was stupid to be walking backwards. It was insane, even. How could you see where you went. Lorenzo would tell this foolish man his mistake after he fell. If he fell at all, anyway. 

Lorenzo noticed a shape on the ground beside where the man now stood. It had silvery skin and smelled of.... DRAKMOR! Lorenzo hopped up. Time to play! He needed to wake Drakmor up first, though. Maybe a lick..?

The End

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