Valeria ran through the corridors behind Lady. She had placed a mental shield on herself and Lady, so they would be undetected as long as no one spotted them. Plus, Valeria would NOT let them back in her head.

From the expression Lady had, Valeria could tell something had happened. Why had Drakmor tried to escape again? And, more importantly, how had Valeria gotten outside the creator's mind field. It had been a long time since Valeria could think without fear of revealing any information. The creator's thought her an ignorant girl with faint memories of being taken away from her parents. 

They had been wrong.

Valeria knew everything.




Lucas swung an ice covered fist into Severain, shooting the larger man a ways away. With the ice, he could win.

Severain got back up, even angrier. "You fucking bastard!" the man yelled as he ran toward Lucas at intense speeds. A giant of ice intercepted him on Lucas' command and Lucas turned to deal with Veseus, who had just demolished yet another of his ice constructs.

"Smart men aren't suppose to be strong," Lucas said, mainly to himself.

"I guess I'm an anomaly, then," Veseus said, walking toward Lucas, "Just like you, my new specimen!" The man threw another device toward Lucas.

Focusing on the ground, Lucas created a barrier of ice that took the impact of the explosion from the device. Veseus, however, was nowhere to be seen. Creating another barrier that covered his whole body, Lucas searched for the crazy man. Where was Lorenzo? Though he didn't know anything but his fighting records, even a weakling could distract these men. 

Part of his barrier exploded inward. Before Lucas could recreate the shattered wall, Severain jumped in and smashed his fist into Lucas' gut. The wind left Lucas and he clutched his stomach. Before Severain could swing again, however, one of Lucas' ice giants grabbed and threw the tattooed man several feet away. 

"Damn, he's a tough one," Lucas said. Beside him, a man appeared. Before Lucas could react, a knife bloomed from his shoulder. Lucas rolled, clutching his shoulder, and created another barrier of ice behind him. Just after its creation, it took several knives thrown from the guard. Who was that man? Lucas had thought him dead twice now!

Veseus the Crazed came into view. Lucas quickly created another barrier to separate the man from himself. Veseus' mouth moved as he said something. Lucas' eyes widened.

'Too late,' Veseus had said. Looking down, Lucas saw several mines. 

The End

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