Lorezo Mortus ran from nothing. Or did he run from everything? Could it be, in his ignorance, that he had failed to realize that he ran from everything? Then again, why run from everything?

He jerked around, letting his long hair and beard swing into his face. Why was the hair in his face? 'Oh,' he thought as he faced the everything behind him, 'It's because my hair loves me!' Laughing he swept the waist long hair from his face. In front of him was nothing. Or was it everything? Wait, why was he worried about this everything!? 

Drakmor would be mad if Lorenzo was late, and that would mean the steelcrusher wouldn't play with Lorenzo anymore. Did he want that? Or did Lorenzo want Drakmor to become like Lorenzo, just like all the others. Lorenzo laughed, why should he want anything? 

A guard came around the corner, surprised to find a naked man running toward him probably. Lorenzo, though, didn't care. He was clothed in the finest silks. They were so fine, that they were transparent. It was they perfect clothing for a creature as horrible as Lorenzo. No, wait, he wasn't horrible. He was AMAZING. 

Jumping to run on all four of his limbs, Lorenzo changed into a half-wolf. As a half-wolf he could love others and bring them closer. Or was he driving them away. Laughing, Lorenzo lunged and licked the guard in front of him. The guard immediately started laughing hysterically. It was natural for the man. It was natural for Lorenzo. So, Lorenzo joined in, laughing as well. 

After a while, the man stopped laughing and began to murmur. Lorenzo guessed he forgot the joke. But Lorenzo forgot it as well, so he licked the man's hand and ran off without changing from his beastly form. What was he anyway? Oh, yes! He was a werewolf, like from the old tales! Or was he something else? 

The laughing wolf ran off toward the gardens, not caring about what he was. Soon, he would see his brethren and they would tell him. They HAD to tell him. Lorenzo must be told by them. Or did he need to tell his brethren  what THEY were?

"Hahahahaha, seems like a fine day for a sunbath!" Lorenzo yelled through his grizzled throat as he ran through the gate to the gardens.

The End

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