Lucas and Valeria: Break PointMature

Valeria awoke roughly to find herself a few feet from the ground. Her back seemed to be wet as well. She pretended to be still limp. It was the smart choice in this situation. 

Looking around, Valeria realized she was moving down a corrider at high speeds. Under her were the familiar silver legs of Lady, Drakmor's dog. Valeria tried to shake herself free from the dog's grip, only to find Lady stubbornly holding on.

"Lady!" Valeria yelled, "Let me go!" She was getting annoyed. The dog wouldn't let go. Valeria swung to the side as Lady turned a corner. Where was she? And why was Lady carrying her around like Valeria was a puppy? 

Valeria's dressrobes ripped a little, causing her to shriek. Luckily, Lady dropped her before they ripped farther, so the rip was miniscule. She sighed. It was hard enough to even think about showing Drakmor. It would be horrible if some unknown creator saw her like that...

Wait, where WAS she? Valeria looked around, not knowing where she was. It was odd really. The walls looked older and had strange designs on them. As if the creators had neglected them. That was odd. They always kept everything very clean. 

Valeria shook off her thoughts. Why was she not in her room!? Where was Drakmor? For the last week all he had been doing was convincing her of leaving. She had refused again and again, but every morning he seemed more persistant. Almost like he knew her dreams..

'Impossible!' Valeria thought. Right now she needed to get back to her roo-

She froze. The buzzing. The buzzing was gone!

"Finally," Valeria said in a whisper, "they aren't in my head anymore..."

Lucas ran through the trees, toward the edge of the woods. He had seen where they had taken Drakmor. Had they gotten the others? Lucas didn't know Viviana, but Jim and Lorenzo were very antisocial and came up short in combat. They had potential, but refused to try. Why Drakmor had asked them to join, Lucas did not know.

Reaching the point where he entered the forest, Lucas hid behind a larger branch a ways up the tree. He needed a vintage point so he could assess the situation. He hoped he wasn't the only one free from capture.

Looking out onto the Gardens, Lucas saw dozens of guards covering a certain spot. A few of them walked away, showing a bound Jim, Drakmor, and Viviana. Veseus and Severain sat beside them, probably waiting on their 'creators.' Those creators were just caretakers. Lucas took his out as soon as he could. Those caretakers knew everything about their charge. 

Lucas smiled. He might be able to take out Jim and Drakmor's 'creators' before they leave. That would help them cut down what this facility knew about them. After all, the top secret information was never written down. It was always commited to memory. So if you took out the caretaker, you took out the information.

Which was exactly why Lucas would win.

Below the tree Lucas was in, a man walked past. He wore a yellow armband, signifying some higher rank, Lucas guessed. The man looked up, examining the spot where Lucas hid. Who was this man? Lucas kept his body as still as he could. It wasn't hard to stay still, as he had played dead on the streets of Saikren City. It had kept him alive then, so it would keep him free now.

The man scratched his small brown beard and eyed another tree. He continued to look at the tree until he smiled and turned his gaze back on Lucas' tree. Had he found Lucas?

Pulling something from his wide brimmed hat, the guard threw something at Lucas. It was blindingly fast and hit just beside his hand. Looking down, Lucas saw a small knife, designed for throwing. He dared not gasp, though the urge did hit him. The man on the ground was bulky and so Lucas had assumed him to be a brute. 

Appearantly Lucas had been wrong.

Lucas leaped out of the way of two more knives and fell toward the ground. 'No waiting for me.' Two large ice structures grew below, under Lucas' guidance, and formed giants. The one closest to Lucas caught him. They other went after the man who threw the knives. 

It was time to fight. Lucas started forming more giants of ice.

The End

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