The Boy Who Loves the SnowMature

Lucas awoke in pain. The right side of his body, along with his head and face, pulsed with agony. It was nothing compared to what Rhazin had put him through, but Lucas now knew the rumors about Severain were true.

He was still groggy, but Lucas stood, if a little unsteadily. Leaning on a nearby tree, he regained his composure. What was it he was supposed to be doing? Around him, Nature stood as a reminder. He needed to get revenge. But... How would he do it? Wait... Severain?

'That's it!' Lucas thought excitedly, remembering it all. Severain's punch really had messed his head up. 'Drakmor!'

Lucas ran, still a little shaky, and jumped to a low limb of another tree. Climbing, he looked around for any sign of Drakmor. Drakmor was the key to his plan, after all. He had told Lucas he knew the way out, for the most part. With Lucas himself knowing the passcodes and having a few inside men, that made their escape possible. Lucas needed to find Drakmor and get out of this facility. 

Before the creators sent out their one, true creation...

'It can't be helped,' Lucas thought stopping on a thick limb almost halfway up the enormous oak. The 'creator's' knew about his ice powers, but they did not know the extent of the abilities Lucas Bates had.

Dwayne stood at the edge of the woods, watching the other guards lock up the captured 'experiments.' Though it sickened him, Dwayne knew that this was his duty as a Captain. After all, if these powerful creatures were released, how much damage would they do? It wasn't worth the risk, even if it was unjust. 

'The few must suffer..." Dwayne mumbled to himself.

" that the many may prosper," Severain finished. He was standing beside Dwayne with a sad look in his eye. "We haven't found Lucas yet and Drakmor, Jim, and Private Vivi were not seriously injured." 

"Well we need to find the brat an' make 'em pay," Dwayne replied. He ignored Severain's mad stare. With all the anger and rage the boy had, you would think he would not care if a murderer died, even if it were a friend. Dwayne didn't understand.

"Well," Veseus said as he came out of the woods, "I can't find the skinny brat."

Dwayne sighed. They hadn't been able to locate Lady and Valeria either. Some of the guards and Veseus had seen them both in the East Exit Gate, but after Drakmor had been caught, they disappeared. Lady wasn't an issue. The dog wouldn't hurt a fly. Valeria on the other hand.... 

She was a monster when she lost control.

The End

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