Randall was surprised at the short girl. She seemed as dangerous as they came, contrary to what he thought. Even after seeing her pluck Drakmor from the sky earlier, this girl still didn’t seem as vicious as she did now.

               Randall laughed. “Name’s Randall Smith,” he said waving at the small dark-haired girl, who was watching Veseus slowly get up on his feet, “what is your name?” She glanced his way and smiled. Randall had never seen such an innocent smile on such a vicious girl. He was suddenly very wary of her, however. Even though she only glanced, the dark-haired girl had avoided his eyes. Next to no one knew about them. How did she?

               “Viviara Remein. Nice to finally meet you,” Viviara said, her voice making her sound even younger than she appeared. Randall had questions, but Veseus the Crazed came first. He pulled out his knife, which had been hidden behind his belt, and readied it. The facility ad trained him to use the blade, mainly because they refused to teach anyone how to use a gun. In fact, Randall had only seen one type of gun used here: Tranquilizer guns. It was odd, but he didn’t care.

               Plus, he would escape any place that tried to delude him into forsaking his beliefs and worshipping the higher-ups. They thought him stupid, but he remembered what it was like on the outside. He remembered the beauty of the outside world he hadn’t seen since he was a babe. Randall would find out what happened to his mother and father, though their faces were a blur. But first he had to escape this prison.

               Veseus made it to his feet, clearly mad, and struggled not to fall down again. Muttering to himself, he threw a small disc to his side. A flash of light emerged from the disc, not too bright to blind Randall, but he had to squint. Viviara, however, screamed and covered her eyes. The flash stopped after a while, but Viviara didn’t uncover her eyes. Instead she moaned and rubbed them as if she were in immense pain.

               Veseus laughed, “That should take care of you, little whelp.”

 Randall lunged toward the laughing man, knife bared. This man would be a problem if he didn’t stop him. Veseus threw something on the ground just before Randall got to him. Before he could even think of doing anything, the disc stopped beneath him and shot a massive amount of force into Randall’s stomach, causing him to fly into the air.

His last thoughts before blacking out were of freedom.


Drakmor surged his blood and punched Severain.

The larger man blocked and swung at Drakmor’s face, barely missing when Drakmor ducked. Drakmor instantly punched Severain in the gut, causing the giant to jump back. Resisting the urge to vomit, Drakmor charged. If he gave Severain a moment to rest, Drakmor might lose. The man had already given Drakmor a beating. After a while of barely keeping himself conscious, Drakmor had been able to surge his Mercurion blood and put up a stand.

It was hard, but Drakmor thought he might actually win if he kept Severain on the defensive.

Gaining confidence, Drakmor dodged Severain’s fist and slammed his own fist into the larger man’s stomach. Severain grunted and bent over slightly. Before he could recover, Drakmor spun and kicked Severain in the side, causing the tattooed man to stumble sideways. Drakmor smiled and continued his onslaught, taking a few hits, but ultimately dishing out more than he received.

All those years fighting Bleard in the training yard had paid off. Severain was faster and somehow stronger, even though he was nearly half Bleard’s size, but not so much that it made too much of a difference between them. Bleard, of course, had been harder to topple due to his size. Severain, was hard to topple as well, but he was possible to topple. That fact alone made Drakmor smile as he dodged Severain’s blow.

Punching Severain in the gut, Drakmor jumped back as he grunted. They were both breathing heavily, tired from the time spent fighting. Severain seemed to realize Drakmor was resting, and took his time resting as well.

“Why are you trying to escape, Drakmor the Damned?” Severain asked Drakmor between deep, heavy breaths.

Drakmor scowled, “Please don’t call me that, Mad Severain.” The Mercurion blood stopped surging and Drakmor had to do everything he could to not fall down. He had been surging to long.

“I’ll call you whatever I want, brat,” Severain replied angrily. The large man somehow seemed natural with his anger. Drakmor and every other person he had asked all said the same thing. “Now, why do you keep at it?”

“Because I want to see the surface,” Drakmor answered quickly. He was annoyed now. Severain was good at buying time, it seemed. He had somehow placed himself between Drakmor’s destination and Drakmor. Also, he was fast enough to intercept Drakmor if he tried to escape in a round-a-bout way. “Why else would I go through all this trouble? God knows I don’t like trouble.”  Severain seemed surprised when Drakmor had mentioned God. ‘Perfect,’ Drakmor thought.

“You’re a fucking idiot,” Severain yelled. “The staff here give you everything you need and pretty much everything you want as long as you behave, ya dick! Why can’t you see these are good peop- er… Creators?”  Drakmor smiled wider. Severain had just proved one of Drakmor’s theories regarding the Creators. They weren’t who everyone thought they were, just as Lucas had tried to tell him. Severain didn’t seem to care, as he was scanning the area for something.

Before Drakmor could attack and stop the other man’s search for Lucas, a blast from the ground shot him 7 feet into the air. Drakmor landed on his back, short of breath. To his right, Veseus the Crazed entered the clearing.

The End

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