Lucas hid in the forest canopy, far above the guards below. Drakmor should have been in the garden by now, so he couldn’t risk killing a guard and upsetting the Steelcrusher. The boy had an easy-to-ignite temper when it came to killing. Plus, he promised not to kill anyone if they got in the way of the plan, only knock them out. Lucas had to make a show for Drakmor, or he would be in trouble.

               Picking up one of the small rocks he had collected, he covered it in ice. Lucas made sure it was loose enough to break easily. It was odd how he could do this. He didn’t know how he did it. Rhazin hadn’t known either. He had tried to explain that it just came to him, but his former master thought him lying. In his jealous rage, he had scarred Lucas and left him to die. Then the ‘Creators’ found Lucas and nursed him to health. They were gracious and treated him well.

               Until he asked to leave, that is.

               Aiming the ice block over the guards head, he dropped it. Before it even hit, he gathered the other rocks and leaped through the trees. He had been doing this for a little while, but he hadn’t found his real targets yet.

               Settling into place, he waited for the next victim. This was boring work, but if he jumped in the fray, he knew he would kill someone. ‘Damn, I wish I could just kill them all,’ he whispered quietly to himself.

               A force shot into his shoulder, knocking him almost two dozen feet to the hard round. Instinctively, Lucas rolled and took the power out of the impact. Coming up in a battle-ready stance, taught to him by his master, he came face to face with a very angry Severain.

               Stars came into sight as the taller man’s fist came into contact with Lucas’ face.  Pain shot across his head and neck, a headache forming almost immediately. Another wave of pain shot across his stomach and torso as Severain’s knee came into contact with Lucas’ belly. Lucas flew through the air and hit a tree hard, which took the breath from him.

               “Damn…,” Lucas said between coughs, “He… is inhuman…” The outcome looked dull. Lucas regained his sight just in time to see Severain swing his fist. ‘Shit!’ Lucas thought, embracing for the next wave of agony. It never came.

               Drakmor came running at incredible speeds out of nowhere and slammed into Severain.

               “About… Damn time,” Lucas managed to say before he blacked out.


               Randall stared at the forest; he wished Drakmor wouldn’t have rushed in alone. But he didn’t trust the short dark-haired girl. Also, how could a dog alone protect Valeria? He knew he had to stay here, but he hated it.

               Footsteps echoed behind them. Lady jerked around at the same time Randall and the dark-haired girl did. It was only one person, from the sound, but for some reason that made Randall more nervous. The Creators knew where Drakmor and Lucas were. They probably had guessed that Randall had come to the same place. That left only a handful of people that the Creators would send.

               The footsteps became louder as a figure appeared on the far side of the hallway. Randall’s heart skipped a bit. The figure was standing on the wall, large cloak and long messy hair hanging toward the ground. It was Veseus the Crazed.

               “Damn it!” Randall cried. He quickly grabbed Valeria, earning a glare from the large dog beside her. Randall put her on Lady’s back and yelled at the dog to run. Somehow, blessedly, the dog understood, and she took off immediately into the park. Vesues was almost upon them. The dark-haired guard girl watched him coming, but sneaked glances at the running dog, as if trying to decide on something.

               Understanding her hesitation, Randall smiled grimly. “If we let him pass, he will go after her,” Randall told her. She nodded solemnly and pulled out a pistol. Randall was a little shocked. He didn’t know where she could have hidden a firearm in such a tight suit. Shaking off his thoughts, he focused on Veseus, who was now upon them.


Viviara and Randall Smith the Blitz jumped back almost simultaneously. Pulling her handgun up, Viviara unloaded a clip into Veseus, which caused him to fall backwards and onto the ground. Her DEagle was custom made and gave off a force more powerful than a regular human could handle. She loved it, but sometimes it made things to simple.

               Randall Smith eyed her cautiously. The man didn’t know her, but she knew about him. Viviara had been trained to identify and take down each of the abnormal cases in the facility. For that reason alone, she avoided Randall Smith’s eyes. Unfortunately, he could stare at her all he wanted. Viviara guessed that he was wary of her – or maybe even attracted to her – but when he pointed to where Veseus had landed, Viviara realized she was not even the least of his worries.

Veseus the Crazed, as most had named him due to his looks, was standing up. ‘How!?’ Viviara thought to herself, ‘The shots were dead on!’ Veseus looked at her slightly curious.

“Those bullets of yours,” he said in a surprisingly regular voice, “are rather annoying.” Dusting off his shoulders and stretching his back, Veseus walked toward Randall. “But, they aren’t effective on my thermonuclear armor. You see, when the force of an object gets within range, the armor-“ Veseus shot to the side of the wide hall. Viviara reloaded her gun.

“Stop talking,” she said simply.

The End

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