Drakmor Enters the FightMature

Drakmor stopped right as he entered the Gardens.

                Creators stood all over the ground around the woods. He quickly jumped back into the hallway and thought up a plan, hoping the Creators hadn’t seen him. His ears confirming they hadn’t, he set Valeria down and checked the hallways from which he came. They were barren of Creators. Drakmor sighed and crouched beside the garden entrance, trying to listen to what the Creators were saying. Life was never dull.

                It was hard, but he managed to hear enough to assess the situation. Drakmor smiled. Lucas would keep them busy since he was in the woods. It had been hard to convince him to join the escape, but it was paying off. In the woods, Lucas was unmatched and uncatchable. And with Severain in there with him, that left only Veseus to deal with.

                Of the two High Guards, Veseus was far easier to deal with. Drakmor had plenty of experience dealing with him and so did a few others he showed interest in. As long as Drakmor could play on his playfulness and curiosity, he could trick him. ‘

                On the other side of the garden, Drakmor saw and heard what he feared he would eventually have to deal with. A large dog bounded through the doorway and across the plains, with a smaller man attempting to keep up. Randall was an extremely skinny man of 28 years. His long straight hair trailed behind him, and he wore his traditional black trench coat – which was somehow ripped in several places – and bandana. His face told Drakmor that he knew he messed up. What an idiot.

                Just as Drakmor feared, creators followed behind them, shooting tranquilizers. More creators ran from the wooded area and started shooting toward Randall as well. They knew Lady wouldn’t be affected by the lower dosage, but they weren’t even bothering with her. She never attacked a Creator due to her intense training. Randall however, had something about him that all the Creators feared. Drakmor didn’t know what but it would be useful in the escape. Tranquilizer rounds fell around him. God only knows how he was dodging them.

                Drakmor froze. Who was ‘God’ and why did he say that? It was the second time he thought something about this ‘God’ and he was just as confused as the first time.

                “Drakmor!” Randall yelled, pulling Drakmor out of his head, “Can’t you help?! I’m too lazy for this!” He was nearly at Drakmor. Drakmor was surprised and annoyed. How did Randall see him in his hiding place and why the hell was he calling his name out, alerting every creator in the whole garden of his presence?! Sighing, Drakmor ran out toward them. He might as well fix this.

                “Lady!” Drakmor yelled at the massive dog, who seemed excited to be reunited with her master, “Protect!” He pointed toward where Valeria was. The dog knew who he meant, for she was trained to protect her by Drakmor. It had turned out to be useful after all.

                He passed Randall, who ran with Lady toward Valeria, and stopped in front of the thirty eight guards.  He hated hurting people. Back in his childhood he had been trained in every art of combat, along with weapon training, for some reason. He was even trained to take advantage of his arms and nanobots’ functions. He could alter his strength and speed with them. It had proved difficult, but he mostly understood how to use them now.

                Hopefully he could use what he had finally stolen effectively.

                The Creators opened fire on Drakmor; letting thirty eight steel darts shoot straight toward his chest. Drakmor instantly brought his arm up and fired the railgun hidden beneath his robe. It had no ammo, but put off a force powerful enough to blow the darts in the opposite direction. A few darts even hit the guards, causing them to fall after a moment. Twenty nine remained, and his railgun had enough charge for three more shots. But things were still looking up.

                Before they finished reloading, he surged his blood and jumped. When he was above the group of Creators, he shot another round of his gun, aiming at the ground in between all of them where no one was standing. He wasn’t sure if a direct him was lethal or not, but judging from the earlier shot, a indirect blast would knock them back and hopefully keep them from getting back up any time soon.

                The guards flew outward from the blast the railgun had created, their bodies bounding across the grass like a rock skips across the pond’s waters. Drakmor, however, was shot up from the recoil of the blast. He did not anticipate this and something dark popped into his head. He had never fallen from this great a height. Would he survive?

                Panic spread through him as he his rise slowed and reversed. The ground came toward him, gaining speed as the distance closed in. He tried to shake off his fear by focusing on preparation of the landing, but he couldn’t. What would happen if he died here? He wouldn’t see the surface. He wouldn’t keep his promises. He couldn’t protect Valeria! He cursed himself as the ground aprouched. He should have calculated the force output of the railgun.

                ‘Too late,’ Drakmor thought grimly.

                Just as he closed his eyes, a hard object hit his side and his direction changed. Opening his eyes he noticed an arm holding him. The hands owner, he couldn’t identify, but a voice identified it for him.

                “Got you, Drak,” Viviara Remein said cheerfully, as they landed. He stood up and looked at his savior. She was almost a head and a half shorter than him and wore a black battle suit, designed for the guards. Her long hair was bound behind her head, probably to keep it from obscuring her view. She was one of the ones he had asked to aide in his escape.

                He had met the girl during a training session. She was one of the prototypes of the super-soldier program the Creators had started. For some reason she was left with more physical strength than the others, like Severain and Draug, but none of the mental side effects.  They started to test her and experiment on her after this discovery, trying to find the reason behind it. Though they hadn’t been successful in the years spent trying, they kept on mercilessly. Though she was allowed special privileges, she was tired of the endless experimentation and testing. So, after she confided in Valeria, Drakmor decided to recruit her, though he had sworn Viviara to secrecy.

                She smiled and sat there. Drakmor had already taken care of all the Creators, but she was awaiting orders. Being a trained soldier of the Night Corps, she was raised to follow orders. Right now, he commanded her.

                “Go protect Valeria, Vivi,” Drakmor said as he turned to the forest. “I got to help Lucas. He’s the only one of us who knows where the exit is.” She saluted and took off toward Randall, who had his head stuck out of the eastern gate. Lady was behind him, probably watching the surrounding area. Drakmor started walking toward the woods.


The End

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