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                Lucas ran through the gate to the garden. Bright artificial sunlight shone on him, nearly blinding him as he ran on the garden walkways. The surrounding landscape was beautiful. Lucas even stopped and stared for a while.

                The garden had a large forested area on the outer edge, in which Lucas saw multicolored birds and unique animals. Coming out of the forested region was a sparkling river that stretched through a flowered field and swiveled across the expansive plains that covered the other end of the garden. Lucas loved the natural look. Even though it was artificially sustained and grown, it was simply amazing to stare at. He felt as if he could get lost in it. As if all the answers in the world could be found in the expansive miracle that was nature.

                Lucas was torn from his thoughts by footsteps. Jerking his head in the direction he heard them from revealed a large tattooed man. Of all the people to find him, it had to be him.

                “Severain…” Lucas snarled. The man in front of him just smirked and scratched his head. The dark hair lay short on his head and looked to be wet. 'Probably from running,' Lucas thought. Inside, fear rose like a weed.

                “Ya know,” Severain said, his voice holding a hint of anger, “I was forced to run because I was told how your ass got out and killed some of the staff…  Why do you always make a mess when you try to escape?” He started walking toward Lucas as he talked. “I mean, at least Drakmor doesn’t kill anybody, and the others just knock them out or put them to sleep somehow. But your stupid ass actually kills the poor bastards!” Severain yelled now, his voice echoing through the woods and plains of the Garden. Lucas backed away slightly. Severain, however, just stopped and stood there fuming.

                It was odd, usually when Lucas had heard of escape attempts stopped by Severain, it had always been quick and apparently the escapee needed to spend weeks in the hospital.  Severain always got his charge, and never took his time. But here he stood, standing still. Even though Lucas could nearly feel the sheer amount of rage coming from him, Severain held his ground. It was almost as if…

                Almost as if he was waiting on something.

                ‘Dammit!’ Lucas thought to himself as he prepared to fight. ‘He may be a brute, but he is smart enough to think things out…’ He needed to buy time as well, though, so Lucas decided on a plan of action. He took off toward the woods.

                Severain took off after him, his rage building with every step.


                Randall ran alongside his silver companion, guards closing in on him. He hated getting chased. All he had wanted to do was get out of this facility, not run to do it. Randall didn’t realize it would take this much of an effort. Sighing, he resigned himself to running from the guards that had discovered him, even though he really wanted to kill them.

                They had noticed him because Lady had barked aloud. She seemed to do it more and more as they closed in on their destination. Randall didn’t really care why, but he wished the mutt would stop; it had attracted way too much unwanted attention.

                Behind him, Randal noticed a presence.

                He quickly jerked himself around in time to dodge a tranquilizer. Quickly locating the sentry gun, he ran toward the wall, and up it. Before gravity could play its part and pull him back down, Randall kicked the sentry gun, ripping the metal device from the wall, and fell to the floor. He landed on his feet and caught the sentry before it too hit the ground. He had already made enough racket as it was.

                ‘Damn, why me?’ he thought as he sat the sentry on the ground gently and caught back up to Lady, who had slowed to a walk, but had never stopped. His day just got worse and worse, it seemed. 


                Severain reached the edge of the forest just as the rest of his reinforcements showed up. Lucas had run in just moments before the soldiers ran in the doorways, so maybe he didn’t know about them. It was a small hope, but a hope none-the-less.

                ‘As for something positively true,’ Severain thought to himself angrily, ‘I am going to kick that runt’s ass.’ How could he let that skinny bastard outrun him? He knew Lucas had incredible athletic skills as well as knowing some kind of running that involved flips and running on walls, but in a straight run, Severain should have caught him. Especially since his body was enhanced beyond human limits.

               "Dammit!" Severain yelled, hating the situation. He slammed his fist into the ground, causing it to sink into the dirt until his forearm was buried. It seemed like everyone just TRIED to make him angry. 

                The captain of the soldiers present - marked by a yellow band - came up to him. The man had a likeable enough personality, but Severain was always annoyed with his accent. “What’s the situation, lad?” Captain Dwayne asked in a thick Irish accent. Pulling his arm from the dirt, Severain stood up. The heavily muscled man stood almost a head shorter than Severain, with shoulders wider than Bleard’s. Even though Severain was taller and stronger, due to being enhanced, Captain Dwayne always seemed to be able to look down on him.

                “The escapee I was after is named Lucas Bates the Ice Keeper. At least that’s what they call him,” Severain said calmly, going through his mental stress relief exercises. It was hard, but he beat down the rage inside him. “I lost him before I could use the device Veseus gave me. The damn brat just ran toward the woods before I could focus.” He didn’t tell Dwayne he had trouble calming himself, which caused him to waste his opportunity.

                “Well,” the grizzled captain said after a moment, “Let’s treat him like an invader then.” Severain opened his mouth to protest, but Dwayne stared him down, silencing the larger man. “He has killed for the last time,” he whispered before walking to his men. “Are all the others spread out?” He shouted. “Alright let’s go in there! And watch out for bystanders! Help anyone you see to escape the area!”

                Severain stopped listening and walked into the thick woods. He knew Dwayne was right, but Severain didn't like killing. Severain decided he would handle the fucking runt his own way. Technically they couldn’t stop him anyway. Even though none would try, he liked to think they wanted to. Plus, if he got to Lucas first, he could save his former friend.

                He decided to catch Lucas before them. As if it was a game.

The End

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