The Girl and the BoyMature

                Several hours later, Valeria sat in a creators quarters, waiting on the creator so she could ask her request. This creator was not just any creator, he was Drakmor’s creator.

                The creators were men and women that looked like the majority of the creations like Drakmor and Valeria herself. In fact some of the creators volunteered to become creations. Valeria didn't fully understand the concept, but she knew it had to do with the experiments that she and the other creations when through weekly. They were rarely painful, mostly dealing with health and each creations unique ability, but they never happened to the creators or the guards who roamed the facility. 

                The room she was in wasn’t very unique; it held a desk with two chairs, one on each side, and a picture of a tree from the park. Valeria hadn’t been to the park in quite a while, but she found herself missing its simplicity. The benches, the trees, the grass, the bushes, the swings, and even the pond, were beautiful. She wished she could go there just then, but remembered that she wanted something else more. And for that reason, she needed to talk to Drakmor’s creator.

                As if on cue, the spindly bald creator walked in the room holding a sheet of paper.  He passed Valeria without so much as a glance and rounded the desk to his seat. He sat down and, still without looking at Valerie, asked, “Now what do you need of me, my dear?”

                Valerie blushed as she gathered her thoughts. “Well,” she began, “it’s about my friend, Drakmor-“

“Ah, that bothersome boy,” the creator interrupted, “he always knows how to annoy us. Forgive my interruption, carry on.” He waved his hand as he spoke, the other held his paper.

                “Well, you see, sir, I think I know how to keep him from escaping anymore…” The creator looked up from his paper and removed his glasses.

“And how, my dear,” he said, a look of interest coming on his slightly aged face, “would you go about that?”

                Valeria felt herself blush as she looked away from the creator’s stare. “I… um… was thinking about… sharing a room, maybe…?” She asked nervously.

                Surprisingly, all the creator asked was, “Do you like him?” Valeria’s head jerked up and she felt her mouth drop some. “My dear,” he said slowly, rubbing his forehead, “I deal with hormonal children every day and they aren’t the least bit of convincing or successful as you are. Now, do you like this boy, as I am inclined to believe?”

                Valeria looked away, blushing even more, and answered slowly, “I have for as long as I can remember, sir” She glanced up and saw that the creator wasn’t wearing his serious face but was, instead, smiling widely.



Drakmor was guided to his room after his remedial lessons by 25 creators with tranquilizer guns. He felt great, however. The creators were at least learning to respect his ability more and he had even learned where two staircases were located. In his mind, the blueprint of his home grew. He looked to the guard on his right and smiled.

                “Ya know, I’m sorry for causing you guys trouble,” Drakmor said before he turned to the guard on his left, “I just want to see the surface.” One of the guards in front of him slouched a little. ‘Just what I wanted’ Drakmor thought to himself. His day just got better and better. Little reactions like that slouch proved the outside world existed. Drakmor tried not to think of what those indications could also mean however…

                Drakmor continued to chat with the creators, although none of them talked in return. He was enjoying his day and something told him it was going to get better. They had to move him to another room, because of what he had done to his old one. Drakmor wondered if this coffin would be more comfortable. The last one had left his back sore.

                The creators came to a stop and pointed to the door to Drakmor’s right. He waved his thanks and strolled in. He was surprised to discover the door was normal width and even more surprised to find his room well lit with a bed, instead of a sarcophagus. Oddly enough, however, it contained some personal things that looked as if they belonged to a child, such as a picture of a flower on the wall and silver jewelry spread out on the dresser. ‘Oh well’ he thought. Drakmor turned to the door and decided that he could break it down with a punch, a weak punch even.  He was slightly alarmed at how easy it was. Could they WANT him to escape? Drakmor decided not to chance it that night. After all, they always took precaution with him. He looked to check the walls on his room's condition.

                “Welcome to your new permanent room, Drak,” A familiar voice said behind him. Drakmor turned around to see the beautiful girl he knew to be there walking through the door. It still surprised him when he found she really was there. Was he dreaming again? “Like the room?” Valeria asked him.

                “It’s simple and boring,” he said lazily. She folded her slender arms under her breasts, which were very pleasant to the eye. He avoided looking anywhere but her face, for fear of being hit, and found it easy to focus on the flawless face. Drakmor still remembered all those years ago when he first saw her. Her hair was still slick black and trailed down her back. Her personality and figure were perfection… ‘Focus!’ he told himself before he thought too much. “But it does have a certain beauty to it if you include yourself to ‘room,’ Val.” She blushed slightly and looked away.

                “I… requested that you sleep… with me from now on, Drak,” she said shyly. Drakmor felt his face burst into red. He knew he probably looked like a cherry, but he sucked up his embarrassment as well as he could and tried to play it cool.

                “Requested? That’s kinda funny, I thought I would have to beg you for years yet,” Drakmor said as smoothly as he could. Valeria smiled and met his eyes. 'Damn...,' he thought as he stared into her eyes. 'A man could lose himself in those eyes.'

                “As I recall,” she said playfully, “You have been begging to come back since you left.”

                Drakmor laughed, feeling uncomfortable and excited at the same time. “Your beds more comfortable is all, little girl.”

                Valeria took a step toward him, looking nervous herself. “Well, I guess you’re gonna remember just how comfortable it is.” She took another step, followed by a few more, til she was staring up into Drakmor’s red-tinged face. 

                Drakmor just eyed her curiously. She wasn't doing what he thought she was, was she? “What are you-“Drakmor was cut off as Valeria’s lips met his.

                Drakmor felt himself nearly melt as their tongues played with each other. He had never kissed a girl in his one hundred and fifty years of life. He always imagined it was strange, after his creator had tried to describe the sensation to him. But now that he was actually kissing Valeria, Drakmor knew what the creator was trying to describe. Accompanying this bliss was what he feared, just as the creators said it would, but he ignored it.

                 She slowly was pulling him towards the bed, he realized. Fear rose in the recesses of his mind, but the bliss he felt from her kiss kept the fear, and reason, at bay. Drakmor and Valerie fell to the bed with Drakmor on top. He pulled his lips away from hers, reluctantly, and stared at her from an inch above her smooth and beautiful face. She was perfect.

                “What kind of magic is this, Val?” he asked, breathless from kissing. She smiled at him, but only a slight smile.

                “The best kind, Drak,” she replied and pulled his body closer to hers. He resisted slightly but was eventually pressed completely against Valeria. Her body felt tiny beneath his own, but she seemed to like it.

                He pulled away and stared at her. “Valeria,” Drakmor said, his fear now screaming into his mind, “Are you sure you want this?” She looked away for a moment, as if in thought.

                She answered after a while. “I want you to love me, Drak,” she said, her voice lowered to a whisper, “that’s all I want.”

                Drakmor smiled and relaxed, his fear dying down. He would have hated rejecting her. Drakmor slowly traced a finger down her leg, to the bottom of her dress, and he began to pull it up. As he pulled her dress past her hip, he started kissing her again. He managed to get the dress up past her undergarment, and up toward her breasts. As his finger, with the length of dress in tow, stopped at the base of her breasts, she blushed and squirmed under him slightly, obviously realizing her mark was almost visible. Drakmor slowly pulled his mouth from hers.

                “I’ll show you how much I love you, Val,” Drakmor said softly. He kissed her cheek, then moved to her neck and worked his way down her chest. It was hard not to simply ignore his fear and give into the impulses Val's body presented, especially when he kissed her cleavage. But, he resisted his urges, if barely.

                Drakmor pulled her dress up just enough to show her mark, a continuously swirling spiral, and he kissed it. At first she tried to pull away weakly. After a minute however, he thought she began to understand what he was doing. It was his simple way of saying he loved everything about her, even the mark she resented so much, for a reason he wasn’t entirely sure of. One day, he would ask her about it, but now was not the time.

                Without saying anything, Drakmor pushed her dress back down to her knees and climbed up beside her. Valeria looked at him with an unreadable look and Drakmor just smiled. He pulled her close for another of the kisses he now loved and eventually they fell asleep.

The End

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