Meeting (Part 1)Mature

Drakmor ran with Valeria bouncing gently on his shoulder. It would be better if she was more comfortable, but he needed to keep one arm free to destroy the occasional cameras that Randall had suggested. Luckily, Drakmor was good at running softly. He had taken to trying to stealth his way to the surface for a few years. It hadn't worked, of course, but it was good to know that it wasn't a waste.

"Val," Drakmor said as he ran, "I know you're going to be pissed when you wake up, but once you see the Surface..." He smiled to himself and turned a corner. Only a few more minutes until he reached the Park. So far no guards either. They rarely patrolled this area since it was on the lowest level and mostly used by the more peaceful creations. 

Before Drakmor could reach the end of the hall he was on, Val started to move on his shoulder. Damnit, she was waking up! That wasn't good. He had to keep her calm lest she freak out. That had happened once when he tried to scare her and he had been sent to the ground with one of her powers. 

Drakmor slowed to a stop and checked to make sure he was alone and free from the sight of a camera. He even surged his blood and listened with enhanced ears. He still was recovering some from the previous night's escape attempt, so he couldn't surge it too much. 


Placing Valeria gently on the ground, Drakmor made his best smile and watched her eyes open.

"Drak..?" She watched with a dazed expression for a moment, then grew angry. Drakmor felt an immense wind pressure press against him and shove him to the other side of the hallway. "What do you think you're doing, Drak?!"

"Hey... Let me explain!"

The wind ceased, letting Drakmor free to walk around once more. His hair had been pulled free of it's tie and hung loosely now. Valeria didn't seem to care about that, though. She was clearly pissed. Maybe as pissed as Severan... OK, not that bad, but still.

"I'm waiting." 

Drakmor pushed his silver hair back. "I want to show you the Surface, but I can't with-"

A blast of wind shot Drakmor back into the wall, which seemed to pull him in. It was then that Drakmor realized he couldn't move. The wall had morphed to cover his body with the exception of his head. Well, that was just amazing. Val was REALLY mad...

"Drak, I know why you're doing this." Val sighed and leaned against the opposite wall. She fingered her jacket, as if just noticing she had put it on. Then she checked her dress. "Did you change me?!"

Drakmor chuckled. "I only put a jacket on you and some shoes. I promise I didn't peek."

"Well, that's-"


A flash escaped Val's hand and Drakmor cringed as his body experienced a shock. Despite being used to these things from the experiments, it hurt. A lot. Like, a thousand times worse than any shock he had been given before. Damn, she had new powers every day!

"Did you really?"

Drakmor laughed a little, still cringing slightly from the shock. "No, I didn't, Val. I promise."

"Good!" Valeria touched the wall and Drakmor was released onto the floor. Damn, he would rather fight Severan or Bleard than piss off Val too much... "Now about your 'escape' attempt." Oh man... "I'll help you this time, I guess."

Drakmor blinked. "Wait, what?"

Val growled softly - growled! - and crossed her arms beneath her chest. "I said I would help you this time, Drak!"

"Yes!" Drakmor cheered, hugging Valeria against her wishes and kissing her cheek. "With you, we can't fail!" Val pushed him away and seemed to have a sad look in her eyes. "What?"

"The only reason I am helping you is because I have been to the first floor. I have seen that there is no surface. Once you see that, I plan on taking you all back down here by force. I think the creators would be much more lenient after I tell them why I helped."

Drakmor just smiled. "And if the Surface exists?" he asked softly, hardly containing his excitement. Val was pretty much making this escape 100% happening!

Val took her time answering. "Then I'll go with you, Drak."

Drakmor wanted to kiss her. And he would have. Had a guard not appeared down the hallway and shouted at them.

The End

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