Allies and Enemies (Part 3 - Veseus)Mature

The Park. It was a place relaxation for the creators and creations. A place to enjoy the sunlight projector and large open fields. Spread about a half mile in each direction, the Park was a collection of various habitats around the world that were deemed relaxing. A small pond for swimming. A forest for relaxing strolls. Even a plain in the center that held picnic areas and many hills. 

It was the ideal place to destroy.

"Subject 34 and 57, activate." The two cyborgs did just that, much to Veseus' delight. Good! The voice commands worked in simulations, but in the actual field there had been issues. The tone modulator had worked wonders! "Now, describe me in your own words, Subject 34."

The shorter of the two cyborgs, which looked no different than one of those bald manikins, looked Veseus up and down before replying. "A short man with large trousers, working boots, and a lab coat. You're hair is pretty messy, which leads me to believe you don't care as to how you look. Also, the lack of a shirt makes me-"

"Alright, enough!" Veseus cursed. Maybe leaving the base personality in these two wasn't wise. Subject 34 had been another scientist who had gone missing a while back. Well, that's what happened when you made fun of Veseus in front of your colleagues. "Subject 57, analyze the whereabouts of Subjects 2, 12, 79, and 129."

The larger cyborg stared ahead blankly while he processed. "Subject 2 and 129 are heading into the southern entrance of the Park. Subject 12 is heading down hall 56a toward the southern entrance as well. Subject 79 is unable to be located due to possible damages to his tracking device."

"Damages?" Veseus queried.

Subject 57 didn't move. "My sensors indicate malfunctions due to extreme temperature drops." 

Veseus nodded. "I see. Subject 79 is smart, unlike that brute, 129." Veseus was glad he beat them here. With his creations, it wouldn't be hard to take down these newer models. 

"Creator Veseus."

The scientist looked to Subject 57 in annoyance. "I thought I programmed you to only respond to my command! Am I going to have to take you apart!?"

The cyborg didn't move, but it did keep talking. "My apologies, Creator Veseus, but my sensors picked up a deteriorated signal with Subject 129 and Subject 2."

Now that was curious. As far as Veseus knew, those two had their tracking devices updated to the same model as all the others. Could that Steelcrushing defect actually have another ally? "Can you identify the signal?"

"Yes, Creator Veseus," Subject 57 said, "It is that of Subject 1."

Veseus froze. Subject 1? That was... The original human experiment!? Veseus had only heard rumors... "Where is the signal in relation to Subjects 129 and 2?"

"1.82690372 millimeters under Subject 129's signal."

Wait... That made Subject 129... The original experiment!? 

The End

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