Allies and Enemies (Part 2)Mature

"And the angel cries to make the moonlight lie, such is the way of the starlight sway~"

The singing continued through the hallways, the sound of Randall's voice haunting some and enthralling others, as the tall man walked to the dog kennels. Guards, 'Creators' serving as defenders of the surface, watched as Randall passed, making sure to avoid his eyes and, instead, watch the boot-clad feet he had. It was better this way.

Randall was Fear. His gaze pulled the fear in a person's being out of them. But what if they were fearless? Well, no one is fearless, but fear can be created as well. Yes, fear this, fear that. All because you looked into this man named Randall's eyes. Well, soon he would be able to look people in the eye once more. All he needed was to go through with the plan.

The dog kennels were just as they sounded. Kennels lined up in a room containing the trained dogs of the facility. Of course, the damned 'Creators' also used a few dogs for experiments. Some of them had already died... no, Randall was sure there was more than some that had been lost to their hellish experiments. They weren't allowed to kill the human - or human-like - experiments, but dogs were unimportant. They were disposable. Useless. 


"Among the stars is the one pointing North," Randall sang softly, "It is past Mars where they come forth." Two guards walked by on patrol as Randall reached the dog kennel. A sign that read RED PLANET KENNEL. A smile crept across the tall man's face. So soon. "They come like a flood, ready to eat. What they want is blood, warm fresh meat!"

The doors to the dog kennel came open and Randall walked inside. He was greeted by the usual darkness the kennel had. Of course, that didn't matter to the dogs, who all barked and shouted. Randall only had to let them out. They would be the distraction. This would be their own chance of escape. It was either die to experiments or die trying to escape for most of the regular dogs, but some...

Randall walked to a specific cage. The plaque above it read LADY. So, this was her, huh? Drakmor had said that the facility had been working with a new dog and trying to emulate his own abilities in it. Lady was that dog. The only question was how dangerous was she? Honestly, Randall wasn't worried for himself. But Vivi was small and might get killed. Why did Drakmor even pick her?

"No use in wondering..." Randall said, laughing softly. He would take responsibility for anything that happened. Well, maybe. At least he could protect Vivi... 

A grinding noise came from Lady's cage as Randall unlocked the large door. Lady was a boxer, to Randall's surprise, but about as big as a horse. Silver fur spread along the dog's body and muscles threatened to rip off the very skin that contained them. What had they done to her? Drakmor was strong, but not big like this...

The dog walked out of the cage, looked Randall in the eyes, then ran out of the kennel. What the hell? Why wasn't it afraid...? Oh well. Randall went around unlocking all the doors on the cages. Each dog did the same thing as the last. It was odd, really. It was almost like they were programmed to go somewhere. 

Well, it didn't matter, anyway. The 'Creators' would still have to collect them and that would help with the plan. 


What the... Randall turned to the last of the kennels, which he thought was empty. "Who's there?"

"Where is Bain? Where are the Undying? Why aren't they here?" the voice said quietly. Randall had to strain his ears to hear what the figure in the darkness was saying. "Why am I here? What have I done? Where is Sarah? Where is the mounseiken? WHO AM I!?"

Randall jumped back as a furry figure slammed up against the kennel door, bending it slightly outward. Bending it. Bending reinforced steel. With a charge. The hell? "Um... What are you?"

The figure curled up, gripping it's head in its hands. Why did that look familiar? It wasn't the way the creature, but the size of it's body; the creature was massive! Reminded Randall of a certain guy... Wait...


The creature's fur retracted into it's own body, exposing scarred skin and long brown hair. Randall started to move forward, but instantly jumped back when the creature slammed his face against the kennel. It was the face of a large man, but covered in a beard. Fearless eyes stared into Randall's own. Dear God.... 

"WHO AM I!?"


The girl named Vivi was a shy girl. She never liked talking to people. She didn't even know why she talked to Drakmor. Or why she agreed to this plan. Sure, she mentioned wanted to leave to herself, but that didn't mean she could go through with it....

A guard walked out of the hallway in front of Vivi. Oh no.. "Hey, you! What are you doing here? Don't you know the park is closed dur-"

Vivi dusted herself off and looked to where she had knocked the guard. Well... the other end of the hall wasn't that far away.... and they had armor.... Yeah, that guard should be fine... hopefully... "Oh dear..."

Vivi hurried along to the Park. She didn't want to be yelled at again.

The End

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