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Drakmor stood like stone as Valeria leaned against his chest. Was she always this small? No, it was Drakmor who was not always this big. He had been getting bigger each and every day. When he first met Val, she had been almost two heads taller than him... Now, fifty years later, Drakmor had grown to be larger than her in every aspect. 

Yet, she was still a threat to him.

"What is it, Drak," Val said with a happy voice, making Drakmor feel terrible, "You finally got-" Val's eyes grew wide, then shut. There was a sense of betrayal in them, too. Wow... Drakmor now knew what it felt like to be Severain or Lucas. They always had someone to betray or hurt. 

Drakmor caught Val and placed her over his shoulder. He didn't plan on taking her with him, but what else could he do? His fist was still shaking from the punch that had knocked Val out, but holding her and knowing he could show her the surface somehow eased him. Yes! He would escape and show Valeria that the surface was real!

Drakmor placed Val on the bed and put on her socks and shoes, as well as a jacket from his own dresser. He made sure to pull up the hood and hide Val's tremendously long hair. If they thought it wasn't Val, but another creation or Creator, then they would be hesitant, but if they did know it was Valeria, then they wouldn't worry. It would take nothing short of a missile to kill Val. 

But Drakmor just didn't want her to be hurt. 

Now, to head to the park!


Lucas Bates stepped over the pitiful body of a guard. Ice still clung to it like the lingering feeling of pleasure Lucas felt. Indeed, these seventeen guards had made it to his room just in time. He thought he would lose control if he went much longer without killing one of those insects that called themselves God. So pathetic.

A guard moved - probably a death throe - behind Lucas. Well, that was no good. Ice covered the entire platoon of guards in an instant, freezing them in place and extinguishing any remaining life they had. Lucas almost smiled. Almost. If that damn Steelcrusher found out he would try to pitch one of his fits and might ruin the entire plan they had set out.

Well, it was time to move out. Lucas straightened his long jacket and located the nearest ventilation shaft. Ice removed its cover. It was small, but it would work. From the blueprints Randall brought, there was a main room where the primary cooling and heating unit was. It could be reached by any vent. Randall had even taken the liberty of marking the vent leading to the Park. Well, that was good. Lucas would need that. 

Taking a running start, Lucas ran up the wall below the vent and used his grip on the wall to shove himself up. His hands clenched the bottom of the vent and from there he was good. From all those years running in the streets and escaping that man... Yes, these skills were good. 

And what better way to use skills than to kill the one who forced you to learn them? 

Lucas chuckled to himself as he crawled through the vents. Yes, he would escape. He would find that man. And he WOULD shove as much ice as he could into the heart of Rhazin! Revenge would come. But first Lucas had to reach the others at the park and escape this infernal underground facility. 

Breifly, Lucas wondered why the others wanted out. They were content to be insects under the pathetic watch of humans trying to be God, yet there were three who wanted out. Randall had seen the surface, of course, and Vivi used to be a guard, or so Lucas thought. Why did the Steelcrusher want freedom? He claimed curiosity, but with his power....

Lucas focused on escaping. He could deal with his thoughts later. He was cool. He was collected. He was ice, itself. 

Now, let terror freeze into the hearts of the 'Creators' when Lucas escaped into the world they so desperately protected.


"Damn him! Damn his fucking arrogant self! DAMN THAT DRAKMOR!"

"Severain, calm down!" 

Severain punched the steel wall of the facility, creating a tear in it that let some dirt in. "Why the fuck should I be calm, you bastard?!" He shouted at the pathetic guard. He had delivered the warning that Drakmor had escaped, taking a hostage. It was possibly Valeria Vayr. What was he thinking? 

The guard started to say something in his stupid scared voice, but Severain cut him off. "Just get the fuck out of my sight!" The man didn't even nod or say anything before he left. Damn coward. Drakmor... He was the reason all the shit happened in this place. Why the fuck couldn't he just behave and be a good little boy. All the stupid experiments were treated like fucking royalty down here. God dammit! 

Severain went through his calming ritual, something he had turned into a habit before dealing with Drakmor or Lucas, or any other fucktard who tried to escape. A little boy formed in his mind. Curly hair, large build for his age, and a smile that was innocent. Severain's little brother... The only thing that calmed his mind. 

"Alright, now to deal with that asshole," Severain said quietly before pulling on some shorts. He didn't want to ruin any good clothing on pricks who bled easily. 

The End

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