New Room (Part 3)Mature

"Hey there, Val." Oh man. Oh man. Why was Drakmor nervous? He had been in here about thirty years or so ago. He should be fine. He and Val together? This was amazing! It was supposed to be... Why did he just feel nervous?

Valeria blushed. She was uncomfortable, too? Yes! Now they could talk to the Creator's about...

"It was my idea, Drak," she said, looking to the ground. Damn, she looked amazing. That long black hair flowing down her back and over her shoulders, those large eyes so innocent, and that flawless skin hidden mostly by her simple dress. Why was there a dress there. It would be much better if Val was...

Oh damn, what was Drakmor thinking!? "Um... Are you.. sure you're OK with this Val?" Drakmor pointed at the unlocked door made of very thin steel. "You know how easy it would be to escape from here? I mean, just one punch and I am free to-"

Valeria had crossed the room and now looking up at Drakmor's face. He was suddenly all too aware that he lacked a shirt. "You won't escape, Drak."

O...K? Was this her plan? Use her powers to keep him here? She could blow wind, talk to people in their head, and heal stuff. No real stoppers for Drakmor, really. He wouldn't hurt her, but... 

Drakmor placed his hands around Valeria's shoulders. "Look, I am glad I got a room with the most beautiful girl in the whole facility, but it-" Drakmor was shoved against a wall by some unknown force. Was that... wind? When did she get so powerful at using that? "Val, come on, you know-" Another blast shot at him, but Drakmor was ready. Surging his blood, Drakmor leaped to the side. Just had to get to the door and-

Valeria appeared before Drakmor. She didn't move there. She didn't blow herself there with wind. No, this was new. She had literally popped up right in front of Drakmor! What the heck?! 

"Sorry, Drak," Val said, a sad expression on her face, "But I don't want to be by myself tonight." Even after half a century of knowing Val, Drakmor realized he didn't know anything about her powers after all. Just what else could she do?

As if in answer, Valeria touched the wall behind her. What was she doing to.... 

The wall.... almost looked like it was melting... No, it was reshaping. Steel from the wall moved to cover the door and thicken the boundary to his freedom. Drakmor would have been annoyed if he hadn't been amazed. 

And if it hadn't been Val doing it.

How was he supposed to fight her?  "Val, look, I need to-" A gust of wind from Valeria shot Drakmor away once again. With his blood still surging the pain was dulled, but, damn, did it hurt. "Just listen Val!"

"Not unless you promise to stay!" Valeria shouted, now looking angry instead of regretful. Oh man, that was never good. 

Nothing else to do, then. Drakmor calmed his muscles and blood, allowing himself to relax, and raised his hands. "Fine, I give up."

Like a little girl, Valeria instantly went from angry to smiling innocently. Well, that was a quick reaction. "That's better. Now, let's get ready for the day." She causally touched the wall and shifted it back to it's original state. The site of the door tempted Drakmor. No, he needed to wait. Wait for the right moment.

Drakmor let Valeria pull a few plain grey shirts from the second dresser - most likely one filled with his personal clothing - and compared them. Drakmor didn't see the difference, but usually avoided anything but his regular pants. At least he didn't have tattoos like Severain. Well, the last tattoo artist died some years back, so he couldn't get some anyway.

"So, today we have simulation training and your tests," Valeria said, throwing a shirt to Drakmor, "So get dressed and turn around." Turn around... Drakmor noticed another dress laying on Val's dresser. Oh, ok. 

After they had changed, Val sat on her bed. "We still got another hour until noon, so let's relax." Bossy, much?

Drakmor walked over and pulled Valeria to her feet. Oddly, this wasn't planned. This wasn't a deception. It was just... Instincts? Yeah, instincts. After all, that's all that could explain it. But... Why didn't Drakmor just knock Valeria out? He didn't like hurting her, but he knew one of her powers healed her and some of the tests were way worse than a punch to the gut. Why...

Why was he kissing her?

The End

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