New Room (Part 2)Mature

Well, this day was just grand! Drakmor had completed his planning with Randall and the others well before the guards noticed and came to check. True, Drakmor still hurt over the fake fight him and Lucas had to have after Val left, but it was worth it. They had placed Lucas in his confinement room near the park. Randall was placed in his usual room, and Vivi knew how to get around without being seen. 

Now Drakmor just needed to escape his entourage in about... how long was it? Two hours? Three? Curses! Oh well, it was a little while. Might as well talk to all the guards leading him to his room, then.

"Hey, I'm sorry for causing you guys so much trouble," Drakmor said to the guard to his right. The man said nothing, but a tightness in his eye leaked through his blank facial expression. A sign of missing the surface? "I just want to see the Surface so bad!" Another guard, this one in front of Drakmor, slouched slightly and sighed. Aha! That was a sigh Drakmor saw everyone do when they were reminded of something painful or nostalgic! The guard missed the Surface!

Such a good day. Plans, another proof of the Surface's existence, and even the possibilities of new friends! Lucas was out of the question, but Vivi and Randall seemed nice enough. Lucas was a murderer. How could he do it? Sure, Drakmor had his anger against the guards and Creators, but he never wanted them dead. Severain even didn't want that. The time that he did kill them was when he lost control. Oh well... No need to worry, so long as Luke stayed on Drakmor's side until the Surface.

Wait... Where was Drakmor walking? He hadn't noticed with all the excitement, but this was NOT the way to his room or the isolation cells made specifically for him. Well... Drakmor's blueprint of the lowest level of his home wasn't the greatest. If they put him somewhere he didn't know he was screwed! Damnit!

But wait. Drakmor knew this way. It was like an old place he had once been in. Only, he couldn't remember when he walked down these hallways...

"Hey, where are we going?" Drakmor asked the guard at the front of the group. 

The man didn't turn, sadly, but did answer. "Subject 129, Drakmor Vayr, is to be reassigned to Room 43. It is there he will remain until further notice." Wow, it was like a machine talking. Drakmor wasn't sure how the machines talked, but this man probably knew. Maybe he knew about cameras, too.... 

Wait, no time for Drakmor to get sidetracked! "Room 43, that seems familiar." None of the guards replied. Ahhh, they had learned. Drakmor had been picking up on hints in their voices over the years. It wasn't surprising that they learned to watch themselves around him. He was being taken seriously!

They stopped at the room labeled 43, making Drakmor feel nostalgic once more. Why, though? Had he been in this room some years back? Or... 

Drakmor was all but shoved inside the room. Before he could turn around to yell at the guards for being so rude, they closed the door. Yup. Rude. But... Drakmor looked around the room, seeing random paintings across the walls of the Park and other people. There was even a painting of Drakmor, but a younger version. Yes, this room was familiar... But last time he had been here it had less paintings. 

And the bed was smaller. The desk was not there. The painting stand was bigger. And there was only only one dresser stand instead of two. No doubt about it. This room was-

"Like my room, Drak?"

Oh man... This was Valeria's room. 

The End

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