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Several hours later, Valeria sat in the office of a Creator. It had taken long enough to find. Despite all of her centuries spent in the facility, she still did not have the layout in her mind. Maybe it was because they kept adding onto the place. The office of this particular Creator had been almost all the way out in one of the wings. Who wanted to be out this far? Then again, this WAS Drakmor's Creator. He was bound to have reasons for being away from the 'Steelcrusher.'

The Creators were men and women that looked like the majority of the creations like
Drakmor and Valeria herself. To be honest, Valeria didn't see why they were considered different. True, they didn't have any abilities like the creations, but they could gain them through experiments like the ones that created Severain and few others. Guards were just Creators with a different purpose, so why weren't they as important as their comrades? Valeria shook her head. No need to think on those things too much. 

Instead, she studied the room of Drakmor's Creator. It wasn’t very unique, really. All that filled it was a large desk with nothing on it, two chairs for the Creator and whoever visited, - one of which Valeria sat in - and a large painting on the side wall. Valeria let herself stare at it, entranced by how well it had been done. 

The painting had been done of the park at the very center of the facility. The green of the grass had been done with small precise strokes, while the water and sky had been done more broadly. The trees seemed to be done similar, but with what looked like a rounded object instead of a brush. Was that the opposite end of a brush? Valeria decided she would have to try it out next time she went to the art studio. 

Right now she had to focus on talking to Drakmor's Creator.

As if on cue, a spindly bald creator walked in the room holding a sheet of paper. He passed Valeria without so much as a glance and rounded the desk to his seat. How rude! The man sat down and, still without looking at Valerie, asked, “Now what do you need of me, my dear?”

Valerie blushed as she gathered her thoughts. She could do this! It wasn't odd... “Well,” she began, “it’s about my friend, Drakmor-“

“Ah,that bothersome boy,” the creator interrupted, “he always knows how to annoy us. Forgive my interruption, carry on.” He waved his hand as he spoke, the other held his paper. What a... polite?... man.

“Well, you see, sir, I think I know how to keep him from escaping anymore…” The creator looked up from his paper and removed his glasses. Valeria only blushed deeper under his gaze. Be strong!

“And how, my dear,” he said, a look of interest coming on his slightly aged face, “would you go about that?”

Valeria felt herself blush as she looked away from the creator’s stare. What was he smiling about?! It was almost as if he like the thought himself... “I… um… was thinking about… sharing a room, maybe…?” She asked nervously, barely able to complete her sentence.

Surprisingly, all the creator asked was, “Do you like him?” Valeria’s head jerked up and she felt her mouth drop some. “My dear,” he said slowly, rubbing his forehead, “I deal with hormonal children every day and they aren’t the least bit of convincing or successful as you are. Now, do you like this boy, as I am inclined to believe?”

Valeria looked away, blushing even more, and answered slowly, “I have for as long as I can remember, sir” She glanced up and saw that the creator wasn’t wearing his serious face but was, instead, smiling widely. Whether he was happy for her feelings, or just interested in a new experiment like Creators usually were, she did not know.

The End

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