Valeria, the Girl with the Immortal Life (Part 3)Mature

"OK," Drakmor said, leaning in, "Why don't we get to planing!"

The others leaned in, but Valeria stayed back. She didn't want to be near any of them. Lucas was for obvious reasons, Randall had those strange eyes that she feared, and Vivi... Well, who knew what Vivi was or what she could do? Most creations were unique in some way, so what made Vivi special? 

And, more importantly, why had Drakmor chosen her?

Lucas spoke, to Valeria's surprise. "Drakmor, what is it you have in mind?" Valeria nearly lost herself. Lucas' voice... was the exact opposite of him! It was calm and gave off the feeling of a gentle person, yet carried the underlying threat of action. It seemed to say 'I will not hurt you unless I have to.' Maybe he wasn't such a bad guy after all. "I am prepared to kill as many as needed." Then again...

Drakmor glared at Lucas, and Randall mimicked him. Vivi was simply being antisocial, the same as when she sat down. "Luke! We can't kill em!" Drakmor scowled, "We are escaping, not becoming murderers!"

Lucas showed his teeth, but managed to keep his voice down. "How else are we suppose to escape? Ask kindly?" He whispered furiously. So much for a gentle voice. 

Randall moved in. "Look guys, why don't we avoid guards all together," the tall man said, avoiding looking at anyone directly in the eyes. Was that habitual? He pulled out a map and looked around. The surrounding tables had emptied, but there was still an hour left for lunch. "I got down where all the cameras are."

Lucas and Drakmor both looked at Randall in confusion. Valeria only sighed. Of course Drakmor didn't know what a camera was. Lucas not knowing wasn't too much of a shock. Valeria only knew because of how good she had been over the years. The Creators thought she was harmless and taught her things that the other creations, aside from Creators and guards that became creations, knew such as numbers, reading, and science. The knowledge of electricity and cameras came with that. 

Randall realized they didn't know and sighed. "Look, cameras allow the people over us to see us and track our movements," he said, receiving nods from both the other men and one small, almost missed, one from Vivi. Just how shy could one person be? It wasn't natural. "If we destroy them, they can't see us."

Drakmor cracked his fist - his real one - and smiled. "Take out the cameras, got it!" 

Randall sighed again. "They will send guards to where the destroyed cameras are, man, so we need to do it in a way they won't know our movements. Understand?" Drakmor nodded, but it was clear he didn't understand. Lucas, on the other hand, seemed to already have a thought on it. 

"So, avoid some," Lucas said, "And destroy others."

Randall nodded. "Close enough. Only destroy the ones you need to. Sneak by the rest."

Drakmor nodded. "Well, that makes since. Now, I have a mission for all of you. Once you complete them, we will meet up at the park and..."

Valeria stopped listening to his plan. Drakmor had purposely left her out for some reason. Did he plan to truly leave her? Or was it that he wanted to let her live how she wanted? He was an innocent kid, but he never really thought things out. Something told her this would lead to disaster. 

She had to prevent it.

The End

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