Valeria, the Girl with the Immortal Life (Part 2)Mature

Just then, three people sat in front of Valeria and Drakmor. One of them she knew right away. Lucas Bates, the only person in the facility feared almost as much as Severain. Even Bleard dared not mess with Lucas. He was a creation with a long black coat and shaven head. His chin was covered in a goatee the same color as Valeria's hair. His looks, however, had not made him famous. No, it was his frightening ability to manipulate and create ice. 

Valeria herself could manipulate water and even freeze and heat it up, but never had she been able to use ice. Lucas, however, used it with ease and his cold nature matched his ability as well. He was a dangerous person, and one of the only other ones to try escaping. But, with Lucas, he had killed nearly fifty of the guards. He had only been released from confinement last week. Two years spent confined didn't seem to change him outwardly, though.

The other two were a complete mystery. One was a small girl, almost as small as Valeria, and seemed to be anxious. Was that a blush? Her dark hair covered most of her face, giving off the impression that she was shy, but Valeria was surprised to see she wore a skin tight uniform giving off every inch of her body's layout. Was that a guard's uniform? No, it lacked any badge or ranking mark.

The last of the three was an extremely tall man with black hair as well. His hair, however, was pushed back and extremely messy, with a few strands falling into his face, where a scar lay. It was an odd shape, like that of a brand, and had a design similar to an anvil from the fantasy books the libraries contained. He wore the traditional grey clothing of a creation. 

"Val," Drakmor said, his voice still a little raspy from his choking, "I would like you to meet Lucas, Randall, and Vivi." They each gave a small nod, with the exception of Vivi who waved like a small nervous child. "They are new friends who are going to help me," Drakmor said with a smile, then leaned in to whisper, "On my next attempt, you know?"

Valeria gripped his head with both hands, careful not to bump the table too hard and set off Lucas. Who knew what kind of temper he had. "Are you stupid, Drak?" 

"No, Val, but I found my error," he said, placing an arm around her shoulders. She really wished she didn't like it. It would be easier to be mad that way. "I was alone. I need help to make this succeed. Why don't you join us?"

Valeria sat up, once again avoiding Lucas and trying not to set him off with a contact of eyes. "Because I like how the Creators are nice to me!" she whispered furiously, "And I don't want them to start being distrustful because I followed you to some fantasy land! Think about it Drak! Why would they hide it from us if it did exist?"

Randall spoke up then. "Because we are prisoners, Valeria, Girl with Immortal Life," he said, his voice sounding too relaxed to match his serious gaze. Why did she fear him, then? Something in his eyes... The tall man looked away instantly, realizing something. Probably Valeria's own fear. She shivered. 

"Randall here has been to the Surface, Val!" Drakmor said excitedly, "He admitted it just a while ago. I was going to tell you, but well... I kind of..."

"..Tried to escape like the smart guy you are," Valeria finished. "You know they read our thoughts. How can you come up with a plan when you know that?"

Drak laughed a little, but it was evident on the Randall and Vivi's faces that they were worried. Lucas, to Valeria's dismay, showed no emotion. "Me and you both know that you use one of your 'Ways' to stop them. We are all safe here, guys, so chin up Vivi." Valeria felt a moment of jealousy but the tone of Drakmor's voice calmed her. It said that he didn't think of these people as his true friends and was just being nice.

It also made her worry, though.

The End

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