Valeria, the Girl with the Immortal LifeMature

Valeria sat by herself, as per the usual, during lunch. It wasn't that people didn't like her, because most of them did - Creators thought her to be pleasant, guards found her easy to deal with and not very troublesome, and other creations saw her as a fun conversationalist -but there was an issue with Valeria. Well, it really wasn't Valeria herself. 

It was Drakmor that gave her a bad name!

She took an aggressive bite of her sandwich and chewed angrily. Why was he late? He was only late when something happened. Maybe it was just an early testing of his body? The Creators sometimes did that if they needed the creation to have an empty stomach. No, that wasn't right. Drakmor had been tested the night before. Had he tried escaping, then? Valeria swallowed the bite and sighed. That idiot.

They had known each other since Drakmor had come into being almost fifty years back. Valeria had been a lonely girl, never getting to know any other creation due to her long life. She was well over three hundred years old and had outlived so many of the creations, guards and even Creators already. Drakmor, however, had been different. From what the Creators said, he would not age much if at all once he hit his prime. Why, though? Valeria hadn't thought that back then, of course. She was just happy to have someone she wouldn't outlive.

Something moved through the air behind Valeria and she instinctively used her ability to shoot air at whatever it was that was thrown at her. It wasn't odd to her, using this ability, and she was glad she could do it. The Creator's called it the Eight Ways, an ability with eight different uses. One of those kept Valeria alive and healed her. 

Another allowed her to deal with bullies. 

A few snickers passed behind Valeria and she thought she heard Bleard's voice. He was another creation and a dangerous one. Almost as powerful as Severain, he could stand up to almost any of the creations, Drakmor included. Bleard hated Drakmor, though. It was childish, as Drak had never done anything but be the carefree spirit he was. Then again... that 'carefree' spirit might be the issue. 

Why did he believe in this 'Surface' anyway? Wasn't there enough down here? Valeria had never heard of anything from the Creators or guards, and she had asked countless times! Why believe in something that you haven't seen? Maybe it was hope? But, why would he hope to see something like that? Didn't Drak have enough down here in the facility? The park provided relaxation, the lunchroom provided food, and the simulation rooms provided entertainment. Sure, the tests and examinations were annoying, but they were only done occasionally and didn't even hurt much. Why was Drak so obsessed, then?


Valeria nearly jumped as Drakmor sat down beside her and sat his tray down. He had the same thing as her: the sandwich of the day and some water. Of course, they always got the same thing since he started following her around all those years ago. 

"Where have you been?" Valeria questioned with a little annoyance. He better have had a good answer, though Valeria already knew it wasn't. 

Drakmor scratched his head a little. "Well, you see..." Valeria listened as he told the story, trying with all her might not to look too much at how his body had matured over the years. His hair had grown longer, now down past his shoulders and pulled into a ponytail, - it was silver, of course, but no less dull than his personality - his body had toned out and became very well defined, despite the metallic tint his skin carried and his mechanical arm that almost blended into the rest of his body, and he had gotten a harder face. When Drakmor finished, thankfully, she was too annoyed to keep looking. Why she had the urges in the first place were odd. 

"So, you try to escape, then picked a fight with Severain?" she questioned. 

Drakmor scratched his head and laughed. "Well, I didn't really pick a fight with him, I just might have..."

Valeria was tapping her foot. "You KNOW he reacts to anything! You are lucky he didn't beat you to a pulp!" She was getting less annoyed and more angry. Sure, escaping was bad, but fighting with Severain? That was downright dangerous! Drak could have been... 

A hand brushed through Valeria's pitch black hair, making her glare at Drakmor for trying to lull her. "Your hair is pretty today. Has it grown anymore?"

"If it grew any longer, I would step on it, Drak," Valeria replied, "Now stop changing the subject!" 

Drakmor sighed and took a bite of his sandwich. "Even you have dreams of the Surface, Val," he said between chewing, much to her disgust, "You can't say you don't think about em."

It was true. She often had dreams of a blue sky, a nice wooden structure she called a house, and a road paved with silver. They were odd, but very vivid, not like regular dreams. They had almost felt like memories and every time Valeria saw one she woke up crying. At first, she thought she was seeing her old life, but then the Creators calmed her, letting her know that she had simply thought up a fantasy and was crying because she wanted it to be real. Valeria still wasn't so sure. 

"I know the difference between what's real and what's..." Drak wasn't paying attention. His eyes had fallen and were now observing something below Valeria's face. She felt herself go red when she remembered her simple dress had a low neckline. "Pervert!" she yelled, shoving him. 

Drakmor laughed and sat back up. "Just admiring the goods, Val." With that, he went back to eating. Valeria copied him, but made sure she watched his eyes. Yes, Drak was a perv, but he was also innocent.. How could she get revenge..?

"Hey, Drak?" 

"Yeah, Val?"

"You remember when we were kids?"

Drakmor nodded, taking the last bite of his sandwich. He really did eat fast.

"Well, what do you say we bath together, like old times?" 

Drakmor gagged and nearly spat up what he had eaten, giving Valeria a firm sense of satisfaction. He glared as she laughed and a few other creations in nearby tables joined in briefly. They must have heard a little of their conversation. Well, seeing the mighty Steelcrusher choke because of a small girl that looked no more that a kid WAS funny. Of course, Drak never thought of her as a child at least. He saw her as the older one.

And right now he was drinking tons of water to keep from chocking because of this little girl. It was too funny. 

The End

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