Escape (Part 3)Mature

Drakmor rushed through the eighth floor with ease, making his way up the ninth set of stairs. Only six more to go, then! To his dismay, however, heavy footsteps belonging to no one other than Severain followed quickly. The guard must have contacted him as soon as the alarm went off, knowing he was one of the only ones who could deal with Drakmor. 

It was still a shock, though. They NEVER used Severain on account of all his anger issues. Drakmor heard he had even killed a few guards and a Creator when he had finished being created. Of course, he was a guard before then, so he got special treatment, but still... Drakmor was in trouble if he caught up!

The tenth set of stairs was just ahead. Drakmor could already smell the freedom. Of course, he didn't know WHAT it smelled like, but he smelled it. Why, he could roll in grass from the surface and breath fresh air, whatever fresh air was. He could even see the real sun and moon. The guards had let that little bit slip when they thought they were alone. Drakmor just had to...

Several guards moved just in front of the last set of stairs. Curses! Drakmor would have to charge through. He could do it, of course, and his surging blood would fight off the sedative from their tranquilizers if any got in him. For a while, at the least. Why, this could still...

Heavy footsteps stopped just behind Drakmor. Well... there went all hope. Maybe he could reason with Severain. Drakmor turned to talk to the larger man, but stopped when he saw the expression of sheer rage on Severain's face. Dark blue eyes stared into Drakmor's own silver eyes. 

Severain's appearance was not the only thing that made people fear him, but it certainly did majority of the work. The large man was not big like Dwayne with heavy muscles, but looked like someone had scaled up the regular guard by a few sizes. The fact that he only ever wore shorts and had a massive amount of tattoos on his torso, back, and arms helped create an image to fear.

"Hey there, Sev-" Drakmor was cut off as Severan grabbed his plain shirt and lifted Drakmor into the air. 

"I am not allowed to hurt guards," Severain scowled, still holding his burning gaze at Drakmor, "So, you guys better move." A few feet shuffled from the direction of the guards, as if they were contemplating on just what to do. "Now!" Severain screamed, causing them to follow suit, from the way their footsteps sounded. "Drakmor, you fucking ass, I hear you want to go up those stairs. Is that right?"

Drakmor nodded the best he could. Severain smiled at that then threw Drakmor with all his strength. Drakmor didn't even have a moment to think before his body crashed into the stairs, bending the steel of the steps inward. There was not time to move, either, as Drakmor felt several dozen darts shoot in his body. Well... there went his great escape. 

Darkness overtook Drakmor's vision, the last image he saw being Severain's angry form walking his way.

The End

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